Music parodies tickle Vietnamese YouTuber fancy

By Luu Quy   December 18, 2019 | 03:02 am PT
Music parodies tickle Vietnamese YouTuber fancy
A still from "Let Mi Tell You".
Among the Top 10 YouTube outstanding videos of 2019 in Vietnam, three music parodies boast hundreds of millions of views.

According to Youtube Rewind 2019 in Vietnam, ranking highest in the Top 10  is "Nhung Chi Dai Hoc Duong" (School's Big Female Boss) on Hau Hoang Channel. Based on a popular Vietnamese melody, the parody features a cheerful performance and refreshing lyrics. Released on March 11th, it currently has over 120 million views.

Thousands of Vietnamese YouTuber parodies appeared online last year.

In 2019, Vietnamese showed interest in videos with entertaining content. Besides music parodies, comedy clips also featured in the top 10, including "Thap Tu Co Nuong" (Quartet Lady), "Thach Thuc Danh Hai 5" (Comedians Challenge 5), "Hai Tet Hoai Linh" (Tet Comedies of Hoai Linh), and "De Mi Noi Cho Ma Nghe" (Let Mi Tell You).

Key phrase "Do Ta Khong Do Nang" (Why Bless Me But Her) also proved a Youtube phenomenon with two related videos of the song in the top 10 list, including the cover of Huong Ly Channel and another reaction video by Cris Devil Gamer, both with tens of millions of views.

YouTube has turned into a popular music publishing platform with young singers rating views a measure of success.

Top 10 YouTube's videos in Vietnam includes eight videos with more than 100 million views, two garnering 91 million and 97 million, respectively. The music video with the highest view count on Youtube in Vietnam this year is 'Bac Phan' (Ill Fate) by singers K-ICM and Jack. Eight months since release, the MV gained 258 million views, as one of the Vietnamese videos with the highest view growth.

In addition to the "Top 10 outstanding videos" and "Top 10 most-viewed Music Videos" categories, Youtube Rewind displays a list of emerging YouTube content creators. In the top 10 are game commenting channels, as well as unique Vlog channels created during the year. Besides, "Chay Di Cho Chi" (Running Man Vietnam), a TV Gameshow, and "Soi Sang" (Lighten Up), a Youtube Channel specialized in sharing scientific knowledge videos, also made an appearance.

A year of ups and downs

2019 is a turbulent year for Youtube and the video making world in Vietnam. The platform’s tightening policy limits many creators from monetizing content. Besides, YouTube channels with millions of subscribers were locked due to policy violations.

Notably, "Kha Banh" with 2 million subscribers was locked in April 2019 after the channel owner was arrested by police. The 26-year-old drug user from the northern province of Bac Ninh with a criminal record for assault was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison for gambling and organizing gambling.

In contrast, YouTube channels with "clean", well-invested content are still growing fast. In September,  Funny Action Program TV (FAP TV) became the first Vietnamese YouTube Channel to reach Diamond Play Button with 10 million subscribers.

A still from a series on Vietnams entertainment YouTube channel FAP TV.

A still from a series on Vietnam's entertainment YouTube channel FAP TV.

YouTube is still one of the most popular social networks. According to analytics website Similarweb, it is the third highest-viewed site in Vietnam, after Google and Facebook. In April, CNBC said Vietnam is one of YouTube's biggest global markets, alongside India, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand,

However, YouTube faces criticism, especially on content control issues. In February this year, many users discovered videos targeting children contain Momo Challenge that features horrific elements that could potentially trigger children into hurting themselves. In addition, YouTube is also accused of tolerating many violent and harmful videos.

Around 64 million people in Vietnam, or over half of the country’s population, are online. Vietnamese spend almost seven hours online a day on average, with 96 percent reporting YouTube to be among their most active platforms, according to a report by U.K. research firm We Are Social.

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