Hong Kong actress Carina Lau sells Shanghai villa for $9.4M

By Nguyen Huong   April 26, 2024 | 05:21 pm PT
Actress Carina Lau, wife of the celebrated actor Tony Leung, disposed of her property in Shanghai for a total of HK$73.8 million (US$9.4 million).
Hong Kong actress Carina Lau. Photo from Laus Instagram

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau. Photo from Lau's Instagram

Sinchew reports that Lau bought the villa 13 years ago and netted a profit of HK$21 million from the sale. The villa features four bedrooms, rooms with sea views, and includes a parking space. Lau had resided there for an extended period before relocating.

Lau is often commended for her "golden hand" in property deals and her proficient financial management. Known for her enthusiasm for real estate investment, she owns at least 10 opulent residences in Hong Kong, collectively valued at several hundred million dollars. Additionally, she possesses luxury properties in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou.

In a recent interview, Lau was questioned about whether her assets exceeded HK$800 million, to which she responded: "Definitely more than that."

Her remark led journalists to humorously note that both Lau and her husband excel in making money: while Leung dedicates himself to acting, Lau focuses on property investment.

In recent years, Lau has primarily served as a representative for Leung, facilitating his collaboration with prestigious film crews and securing him significant roles that have garnered numerous esteemed acting awards.

Lau, 59, embarked on her acting career in 1984 and rose to prominence with multiple successful drama series throughout the decade.

Her subsequent foray into film, including roles in two "Infernal Affairs" sequels and the film "2046" by director Wong Kar-wai, further enhanced her global recognition.

She married Leung, who is 62 and one of Asia’s most renowned and internationally acclaimed actors, in 2008.

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