I, at 36, have no spouse, property or car, and make only $200 a month

May 6, 2024 | 05:10 pm PT
I, at 36, have no spouse, property or car, and make only $200 a month
People living paycheck to paycheck often worry about their uncertain future. Illustration photo by Pexels
I worry about my future because I, at 36, still live with my two aunts, have no spouse, property or car and earn VND5 million (US$197) monthly.

My aunts have raised me since I was young because my parents separated right after my birth. My mother passed away when I was around 14, prompting my father to cut contact with me.

Residing in the countryside, I typically take on any available job to sustain myself, earning approximately VND5 million per month. Unfortunately, I find myself spending my entire income, with nothing left for savings.

Currently, I and my two aunts are occupying the attic of my cousin's house. He has two sons and allows us to stay there rent-free for the time being. However, when his sons get married in a few years’ time, I am not sure if we can continue to stay there. I have long made peace with the fact that I do not have the financial means to get married, nor do I want to.

My aunts, now 65 years old, run a modest eatery that makes just enough to cover our basic needs. My daily routine involves working from dawn until after 9 p.m., followed by assisting my aunts in closing their eatery before retiring to bed at 1 a.m.

The prospect of supporting my aging aunts with my meager VND5 million monthly income terrifies me. While it suffices for essentials such as food and medicine, any disruption in my job or our living arrangements would jeopardize our livelihood.

We are currently trying our best to live paycheck to paycheck and I do not know what else I can do to make life more meaningful or earn more money to take care of my aunts.

What should I do about my future?

Reader Tri

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