Actress Liu Yifei's drama moves viewers to tears with sexual assault scene

By Nhu Anh   June 17, 2024 | 05:00 am PT
The Chinese TV drama "The Tale of Rose," featuring Liu Yifei and Wan Qian as leads, has moved audiences to tears with a scene that shows a woman being sexually assaulted by her stepfather.

The series, which debuted on June 8, focuses on the lives of urban women. Wan Qian portrays Su Gengsheng, the childhood best friend of Huang Yi Mei, played by Liu, with the two characters having distinctly different personalities and backgrounds.

Su grew up in a rural area and lost her father when she was young, after which her mother remarried. At the age of 16, Su was sexually assaulted by her stepfather. When she confided in her mother, her mother accused her of lying, refused to believe her, and even slapped and scolded her.

This distressing ordeal made Su cautious and hesitant to open her heart or trust others. However, it wasn't until she met the genuine and kind-hearted Huang that she started to lower her defenses.

Mtime has reported that most viewers have lauded Wan Qian's portrayal, highlighting the loneliness, aloofness, and suffering of her character. Numerous viewers admitted to shedding tears during the scene where she describes her previous assault. Comments flooded in saying, "I want to hug her after seeing her act," "Wan Qian offers a genuine performance, from her look to her movements," and "Su Gengsheng deserves to find true happiness."

Wan in the scene Su recalling her past assault. The 42-year-old actress is known for roles in TV series The Glory of Tang Dynasty, Secret of the Three Kingdoms, and New World. Photo from Wans Weibo

Wan in the scene Su recalling her past assault. The 42-year-old actress is known for her roles in TV series "The Glory of Tang Dynasty," "Secret of the Three Kingdoms," and "New World." Photo from Wan's Weibo

Directed by Wong Jun and based on Yi Siu's novel "The Story of Rose," "The Tale of Rose" revolves around the romantic and working lives of Huang Yi Mei and those around her.

The series emphasizes the resilience of women, showcasing their mutual support and encouragement. Nonetheless, some viewers have criticized the plot for its occasional unrealistic elements and for idealizing the protagonist excessively.

The show has achieved the highest viewership ratings in its time slot in China and has spurred increased sales of related items, such as yellow roses and fashion products.

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