Actress Liu Yifei’s latest role in ‘The Tale of Rose’ triggers surge in yellow rose sales

By Nhu Anh   June 11, 2024 | 03:23 pm PT
Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei has sparked an increase in the sale and appreciation of yellow roses throughout China with her role in the new TV series “The Tale of Rose.”
Actress Liu Yifei holding a yellow rose. Photo from Lius Weibo

Actress Liu Yifei holding a yellow rose. Photo from Liu's Weibo

Sichuan Guancha reported that since its premiere on June 8, the series has significantly influenced daily life.

In the series, Liu portrays Huang Yi Mei, a name that translates to yellow rose, enhancing the connection to the flower. This association, coupled with Liu’s and the character’s popularity, has led to a noticeable surge in demand for yellow roses, making them a frequent sight in deliveries across neighborhoods and on public transportation.

A Sichuan florist noted a substantial increase in sales, with yellow roses outselling other varieties since June 9.

The trend was unexpected for many, as some admitted to not having seen the series yet but were surprised by the increased presence of yellow roses.

"No wonder I saw delivery guys with these flowers," a social media user explained. "I initially thought yellow roses were popular for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival."

"Liu Yifei’s influence is still immense," another user remarked, referring to her previous trend-setting influence with pink roses after appearing with them in her 2023 series "Meet Yourself."

Actress Liu Yifei. Photo from Lius Weibo

Actress Liu Yifei. Photo from Liu's Weibo

Alongside yellow roses, fashion items worn by Liu in "The Tale of Rose" have also seen a rise in popularity, including baseball caps.

Broadcast on China Central Television (CCTV), the national broadcaster of the country, the show follows the story of Huang, a young woman hailing from a family of scholars. Throughout the series, Huang experiences four romantic relationships, during which her suitors often present her with yellow roses.

People’s Daily has praised Liu for her portrayal, stating her appearance and acting perfectly match the character as envisioned in the script. While the series has been lauded for its depiction of diverse female characters and their lives in an urban setting, some criticism has emerged over the script’s occasional lack of realism, particularly in how Huang resolves issues at her company, which some viewers feel glorifies the protagonist excessively.

Liu, 37, first gained fame with her television debut in the 2003 TV series "The Story of a Noble Family."

She transitioned to the big screen in 2008, and has since become a well-known figure in both Chinese and Hollywood cinema. By 2009, she was recognized as one of the New Four Dan actresses, a designation for the successors of the four most bankable actresses in China.

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