Philippines call for 10,000 fans to support home team in Vietnam clash

By Hoang Nguyen   November 15, 2023 | 02:27 am PT
Philippines call for 10,000 fans to support home team in Vietnam clash
Philippines national football team greet the fans after a match. Photo by the Philippine Football Federation
Philippines made a campaign to get 10,000 fans to their home ground Rizal Memorial Stadium in the World Cup qualifier game against Vietnam on Thursday.

The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) announced on Tuesday that they have sold over 60% of the tickets to the game at Rizal Memorial, after attempts to build excitement ahead of the game.

The PFF sells the tickets on the website There are four prices, with the most expensive selling for around US$30.

The two highest-price stamps with great views in stand A have sold out. Many seats in stands B, C and D are still available. Each account can buy a maximum of 10 tickets.

The PFF is also offering the buy two get one free on the tickets.

Rizal Memorial has a capacity of nearly 13,000. The host has launched a media campaign named "#10kstrong" that calls for 10,000 fans to support the team at the stadium.

PFF hopes that 10,000 home fans will give more strength to goalkeeper Neil Etheridge and teammates.

"I have been here 15 years and witnessed the ups and downs of Philippine football. I remember that Rizal Memorial was once filled with fans and the atmosphere was amazing. It can help us dominate any team," Etheridge said in a post on the federation's website.

Mikhail Torre, PFF general secretary, said: "The media campaign this time is divided into three stages. The first one is giving the fans the football experience along with food and entertainment at the stadium. The second is creating influence on social media and the last one is creating bonds from these activities so that the fans will keep coming back."

The game between the Philippines and Vietnam in the second round of 2026 World Cup qualifiers will take place on Thursday at 6 p.m. (Hanoi time).

VnExpress International will provide a live report of the match.

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