Tet movie becomes fastest to collect $4.3M

By Mai Nhat   January 26, 2023 | 06:51 pm PT
Tet movie becomes fastest to collect $4.3M
A still from "Nha Ba Nu" movie.
“Nha Ba Nu” (Nu's Family) has become the fastest Vietnamese movie ever to hit the VND100-billion ($4.26 million) mark at the box office, doing it in 3.5 days.

The producers said Wednesday the film beat 2021 Tet release "Bo Gia" (Dad, I'm Sorry), which had taken four days.

Both films have been directed by comedian and MC Tran Thanh.

Cinema chains Galaxy and CGV said "Nu's Family" dominated other movies released around this time. It was screened more than 4,500 times a day nationwide, another record.

Box Office Vietnam, an independent entity that analyzes cinema revenue data across the country, said: "Chi Chi Em Em 2" (Sister Sister 2) has seen the highest collection among Tet releases with VND28 billion.

Foreign movies "The Amazing Maurice", "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish" and "Mummies" earned VND2.5 billion, VND1.6 billion and VND1.5 billion.

Phuc Tran, a person working in the film industry in HCMC, said "Nu's Family" would continue to rake in money in the next few days, when the box office is at its busiest.

Thanh and co-wrote and acted in a supporting role in the movie, in which Nu (Le Giang), the owner of a crab soup shop, is a mother facing the pressure of providing for her family.

Due to heartbreaks she herself had suffered in the past, Nu forbids her youngest daughter Ngoc Nhi (Uyen An) from having a romantic relationship.

But Nhi does not listen to her mother and dates John (Song Luan), a Vietnamese who lives abroad. Nhi gets pregnant and leaves her family to live with John, but soon realizes she made the wrong decision.

Thanh had gone on record saying topping the VND400 billion earned by "Bo Gia" was not a high priority since when it was released in March 2021 people were clamoring to again go to the movies as cinemas reopened after a wave of Covid ended.


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