Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada withdraws from public eye following cheating scandal

By Nguyen Huong   April 26, 2024 | 01:29 am PT
Actress Kyoko Fukada has been absent from public view since the scandal involving her infidelity with a film director while having engaged.
Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada. Photo from Fukadas Instagram

Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada. Photo from Fukada's Instagram

ON reports that Fukada, 42, has not participated in any public activities since last December, following her affair while engaged to Hiroyuki Sugimoto, a 47-year-old real estate entrepreneur.

The affair became public when Fukada brought her lover to her residence during Sugimoto’s business trip to New York, where the lover left his clothing, which was later discovered by Sugimoto.

Sugimoto reportedly decided to end their engagement as a result of the incident. Despite their separation, he still provided Fukada with shares from his listed company as a separation agreement.

The actress has also been inactive on social media since September 25 and has not made any statements regarding her breakup with Sugimoto.

The relationship between Fukada and Sugimoto was first made public in 2019. Sugimoto is reported to have assets totaling 20 billion yen (US$127.5 million).

Fukada has been celebrated as one of Japan’s leading actresses, known for her roles in "Ring 2," "Doll," "Like Asura," "Roommate," "God, Please Give Me More Time," and "To Heart: Koishite Shinitai."

She has also been voted as one of Japan’s most captivating actresses on multiple occasions.

However, her personal life has been fraught with controversy. Besides the infidelity issue, she has faced allegations of struggling with alcohol addiction.

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