Indonesian actress Sandra Dewi faces jail for alleged jet buy with husband’s corrupt funds

By Linh Le   April 8, 2024 | 09:48 pm PT
Actress Sandra Dewi might be subjected to a prison term of up to five years if found buying a private jet, a Rolls-Royce car, and luxury goods with corrupt funds from her husband, businessman Harvey Moeis.
Indonesian actress Sandra Dewi. Photo from Dewis Instagram

Indonesian actress Sandra Dewi. Photo from Dewi's Instagram

As reported by The Star, the jet and vehicle, which are said to be presents from Moeis for the actress’ birthday celebrations, were confiscated by officials to determine if they were purchased with funds misappropriated by Moeis.

The actress is at risk of receiving a sentence to either a five-year imprisonment or a hefty penalty amounting to 1 billion rupiah (US$62,900) should she be found guilty of profiting from proceeds garnered through her husband’s commercial ventures, as per The Independent Singapore’s reports.

Moeis was apprehended on March 27 for suspected corrupt practices and the misallocation of his firm’s resources, followed by an accusation by the national anti-corruption organization to the authorities suggesting that Dewi too benefited from her husband’s commercial earnings, thereby leading an extravagant life.

A spokesperson for the anti-corruption agency in Indonesia stated: "The authorities need to investigate whether Sandra was aware of where her husband’s money came from."

"Sandra often buys branded goods besides purchasing a private jet."

At 41, Dewi is celebrated as a leading actress in Indonesia, recognized for her performances in domestic films and television dramas. She earned the title of the most searched personality on Yahoo! Indonesia in 2009, as noted by The Jakarta Post.

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