Chinese painting maestro Fan Zeng, 86, marries 50-year-younger fourth wife

By Nhu Anh   April 12, 2024 | 03:41 am PT
86-year-old painter Fan Zeng, a celebrated figure in the realm of contemporary Chinese art, disclosed his marriage with Xu Meng, 36, marking his fourth marriage.
Chinese painter Fan Zeng. Photo from Fans assistants Weibo

Chinese painter Fan Zeng. Photo from Fan's assistant's Weibo

Hongxing News reported that the artist made an announcement via Weibo on Wednesday, stating he had finalized the marriage registration with Xu.

He recounted how, following the demise of his previous spouse Zhang Guiyun in 2021, he experienced a minor stroke that halted his ability to paint. Xu’s devotion saw her nursing him back to health and motivating him to pick up his brush and continue his work in painting and calligraphy, thus aiding in his physical and mental recovery.

Fan expressed that he and Xu experienced a profound bond and made the decision to dedicate their lives to one another.

Renowned as a "master" in the domains of calligraphy and painting within China, Fan has occupied esteemed roles including the vice president at the China Artists Association and vice president at the Chinese Calligraphers Association.

Exhibitions of his artwork have been hosted in museums in Japan and the U.K., with several of his pieces commanding millions of dollars at auction.

Fan’s initial marriage was to a poetess, followed by a union with a painter as his second wife. His acquaintance with his third spouse, married to a patron of his at the time, occurred while he was still wed to his second wife. Both subsequently divorced their partners to marry each other.

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