Actress Han So Hee and ex-boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol exit film project following breakup

By Linh Le   April 1, 2024 | 11:28 pm PT
South Korean actress Han So Hee and her ex-boyfriend, actor Ryu Jun Yeol, withdrew from their roles in the drama “Delusion” following their split.
South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Hans Instagram

South Korean actress Han So Hee. Photo from Han's Instagram

The Korea JoongAng Daily reported that Showbox, the production company for "Delusion," confirmed Tuesday that negotiations over the casting of both actors in the drama, which is an adaptation of a webtoon sharing the same title, have been discontinued.

The decision was made after Han and Ryu announced their breakup on March 30, a period of only two weeks following their announcement that they were in a relationship.

Following this, Ryu is set to redirect his efforts towards his participation in the forthcoming film "Book of Revelation," which is being directed by Yeon Sang Ho, who is celebrated for his creation of "Train to Busan" and the Netflix series "Hellbound."

In the meantime, Han is preparing for the launch of the second season of "Gyeongseong Creature," a Netflix series that blends historical elements with the thriller genre.

The disclosure of Han and Ryu’s relationship on March 16 happened a few months subsequent to Ryu’s breakup with singer-actress Lee Hyeri, his partner of eight years. The situation led to speculations about Han’s possible interference in Ryu’s previous relationship with Lee.

Han had previously responded to these rumors, stating that her relationship with Ryu commenced only after she was made aware of his separation from Lee in June last year. However, individuals in online forums have highlighted that the announcement of Ryu and Lee’s separation was actually made in November last year, which has led to doubts regarding the veracity of Han’s claims.

Following these events, Han made a public statement addressed to Lee on social media on March 29, reaffirming that she had no role in the dissolution of Ryu and Lee’s relationship and expressing her distress over the negative attention she perceives to have received from the public. The post was quickly deleted after its publication.

At 30, Han gained recognition for her performance in the 2020 South Korean TV series "The World of the Married" and is also noted for her physical resemblance to the renowned actress Song Hye Kyo.

Ryu, 38, became well-known for his role in the South Korean TV series "Reply 1988," in which he acted alongside his former girlfriend Lee. He continues to pursue a successful acting career in addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors.

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