73-year-old Chinese film mogul Zhang Jizhong's 'manly strength' praised by wife

By Nguyen Huong   March 11, 2024 | 08:04 pm PT
73-year-old Chinese film mogul Zhang Jizhong's 'manly strength' praised by wife
Chinese wuxia film director Zhang Jizhong, 73, and his wife Du Xinglin, 42. Photo from Weibo
Du Xinglin, the 42-year-old wife of the renowned 73-year-old Chinese wuxia film director Zhang Jizhong, has said she is pregnant and that her husband is still full of “manly strength.”

During a livestream on March 7, Du made the compliment while announcing that she is expecting a baby this year, reported Ifeng.

Du emphasized that the presence of children brings joy to the family and serves as tangible evidence of the couple’s deep bonds.

At the conclusion of the video, Zhang appeared, presenting flowers to his wife with a radiant smile. He expressed gratitude, saying, "Thank you, my wife. You have worked hard."

Du's revelation stirred some controversy.

While many observers extended their blessings and support for the couple, some raised concerns about Zhang's age and health.

Detractors have suggested it might be more prudent for the couple to focus on caring for their older children instead of bringing another new life into the world.

Since their marriage in 2017, Zhang and Du have consistently stated that they enjoy a harmonious life together, often dispelling rumors of turbulence.

The director has commended his wife for her skills in managing the household and has refuted claims that she married him for financial gain. Simultaneously, Du lauded her husband for his diligence and excellent parenting skills.

Zhang is celebrated for his adaptations of classic wuxia novels by the renowned author Jin Yong, including works such as "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer," "The Legend of the Condor Heroes," "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils," "The Return of the Condor Heroes," "Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber," and "The Deer and the Cauldron." In addition to his directorial success, Zhang has taken on supporting acting roles in some of his films, including "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer" and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes."

However, Zhang has also become known recently for legal battles over money with his ex-wife, which stemmed from accusations of adultery made against him.

Du, born into an intellectual family in Jiangsu Province, worked as a language teacher in China before pursuing a doctorate in France. She was previously married to a businessman in Taiwan, whom she divorced after three years.

Du met Zhang through work, initially working as his assistant. Since their marriage, Du has given birth to two children, a boy and a girl.

Sohu reported that Du shared the news on her social media on Wednesday thusly: "A child in the Year of the Dragon is on the way."

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