What's new about Techcombank's twin headquarters?

By Thy An   October 5, 2023 | 11:00 pm PT
Techcombank's new headquarters in Hanoi and HCMC have open spaces to enhance interaction and connectivity, with a design philosophy ahead of its time that was first conceptualized by Foster+Partners.

According to Jens Lottner, CEO of Techcombank, the opening of two new head office buildings is an important milestone for the bank on its "30-year Be Greater" journey.

"We now operate out of two world-class financial buildings in prime locations in Hanoi and HCMC that all our people can be proud of,"Lottner said.

A design philosophy ahead of its time

For over 55 years, Foster + Partners, spearheaded by the esteemed British architect Lord Norman Foster, has carved an indelible mark in global architectural history. Having garnered worldwide praise, the firm's prestige stands unparalleled.

A shining testament to their prowess is their recent collaboration with Techcombank, resulting in two new world-class buildings in the heart of Hanoi and HCMC, hailed as a harmonious blend of modern technology and urban aesthetics.

Techcombank, recognizing the architectural finesse of Foster + Partners, entrusted the firm with the task of designing the two buildings to be used as its headquarters.

The requirement was clear: create designs that not only stand out as icons but also align with the culture of each city.

Responding to this vision, Foster + Partners first conceptualized the Techcombank Quang Trung Headquarters in Hanoi.

The illustration at Techcombanks new headquarters in Hanoi at night. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Techcombank's new headquarters in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

At the heart of the capital, the tower resonates with a theme of "Future in the Old Town," manifested through a facade resembling interlaced wooden doors set against golden walls, evoking the ancient city.

Down south in bustling HCMC, the Techcombank Le Duan Headquarters opts for a bolder, more avant-garde approach. The architectural narrative takes inspiration from stacked Rubik's cubes, a nod to the city's "dynamic and constant movement."

Through these designs, Foster + Partners has vividly encapsulated Techcombank's aspirations: structures that harmonize with the landscape while epitomizing contemporary technological advancements and sustainable values.

Open spaces to enhance interaction and connectivity

For Foster + Partners, integrating local life into their designs has always set them apart. Their approach is simple yet profound: buildings must enhance the quality of life.

"The outstanding designs by Foster + Partners have created open and collaborative working environments that will encourage innovation and the sharing of ideas. Each new building will help to empower our people so that they can better serve our customers while also contributing to the sustainable development of the cities," Lottner said.

The open spaces inside Techcombanks building in HCMC allow both staff and customers to freely interact. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

The open spaces inside Techcombank's building in HCMC allow staff and customers to freely interact with each other. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Empowering the best talent

Techcombank’s new headquarters offer employees an open and collaborative working environment comparable with modern buildings in other global financial centers. This reflects the bank’s strong commitment to creating the best working conditions for its people.

In 2022 and 2023, Techcombank became the first Vietnamese bank to run the "Overseas Talent Roadshows" when it visited Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to recruit Vietnamese-born talents to return to the country and join the bank.

In September 2023, Techcombank also became the first and only Vietnamese bank to be named in the top 11 of the Best Workplaces in Asia 2023 by the Great Place to Work (GPTW), a global organization that assesses workplace culture.

Techcombank allows employees to develop their abilities in a friendly and professional environment. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Techcombank allows employees to develop their abilities in a friendly and professional environment. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

This international recognition is a testament to Techcombank's relentless efforts on its 30-year journey to invest in its people and create a working environment and culture that empower them to achieve their full potential.

"Our two new state-of-the-art office buildings not only redefine our physical presence but also set new standards for workplace innovation. With modern amenities, sustainable design, and a focus on fostering creativity and collaboration, the buildings reflect our dedication to excellence. Techcombank can now offer a working environment comparable to leading global organizations, and this confirms our commitment to attracting and empowering the best talent," Lottner said.

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