Vietnamese interactive presentation software takes world market by storm

By Thy An   June 27, 2023 | 06:00 pm PT
AhaSlides has become a success in the global interactive presentation software market due to its innovative and user-friendly features.

Despite the presence of established giants, both the global and Vietnamese presentation application markets offer potential for businesses to explore and invest.

Recognizing this opportunity, founder Dave Bui and his team at AhaSlides decided to launch an application that is developed by Vietnamese software engineers. The app has found widespread acceptance and is currently being used in over 180 countries worldwide.

AhaSlides enables real-time interactive presentations, allowing audiences to actively participate through voting, answering questions and contributing ideas, all from their own mobile devices. Presenters can now engage directly with their audience, make meetings lively, impressive and memorable instead of delivering static, dry content.

In addition to its interactive features, engaging games and captivating effects, AhaSlides offers a vast template library comprising thousands of sample presentations contributed by world-leading experts in organizational culture and educational training.

Users can connect to the app via scanning QR codes. Photo courtesy of AhaSlides.

Users can connect with the app by scanning QR codes. See more information about AhaSlides here. Photo courtesy of AhaSlides.

Statistical data demonstrates the remarkable success of AhaSlides since its launch in 2019: It has over 13 million global users and more than 60% of Forbes' top-ranked companies utilizing it for their presentations.

Some 95% of primary schools in Denmark have bought and installed the app, with similar trends observed in primary schools across the U.S., Japan and Australia.

The app has also received high ratings on renowned technology review platforms due to its convenience, user-friendly interface and competitively priced Pro packages.

After establishing a strong presence in the international market, AhaSlides is now focusing on conquering the Vietnamese market. Dave Bui says: "The interesting thing is that many customers are unaware that AhaSlides is a 'made-in-Vietnam' product until they need assistance from our support team or contact our hotline."

Dave Bui, founder of AhaSlides. Photo courtesy of AhaSlides.

Dave Bui, founder of AhaSlides. Photo courtesy of AhaSlides.

From initially being concerned about the competitiveness of ‘made-in-Vietnam’ software in the global market, he now confidently competes with software from Europe or the Americas by raising the price.

He firmly believes that AhaSlides' early successes demonstrate that Vietnamese software has an equal opportunity to thrive globally.

"I am confident that in future 'Made in Vietnam' software will leave a more distinct mark on the global market."

A media company in Berlin, Germany, used AhaSlides for their presentation. Photo courtesy of Ahaslides.

A media company in Berlin, Germany, uses AhaSlides for its presentation. Photo courtesy of AhaSlides.

According to a 2021 study by Zion Market Research, the global online presentation software market was worth US$804 million in 2019 and is projected to reach nearly $1.5 billion by 2026 after expanding at 9.4% annually.

The surge in remote work models due to the Covid pandemic has significantly influenced the overall online presentation software market. Nowadays, not only multinational companies but also small and medium-sized enterprises are leveraging interactive presentation software to collaborate with their teams at in-person and remote events.

Professionals in the sales, marketing and advertising industry are increasingly adopting these products to save time, reduce costs and leave a lasting impression on clients. In the education sector, the expansion of online models in the coming years, coupled with the demand for innovative teaching methods, is expected to drive continuous growth in the presentation software industry.

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