Super Brand Day a hook for brands to gain 90% customer increase

By Phong Van   March 6, 2023 | 01:00 am PT
By working with an e-commerce platform like Lazada on Super Brand Day, many businesses have seen a boost in revenue and brand awareness.

Skincare brand Kiehl’s has participated in Lazada’s "Super Brand Day" for four continuous years since the campaign was introduced, and has achieved outstanding achievements in its e-commerce business strategy. According to a representative from Kiehl's, the brand has managed to optimize brand recognition, increase sales and attract new customers.

Kiehl’s case is not the only one. According to Lazada, the average sales of other brands on Super Brand Days is 164 times higher than on a regular day. They also saw a 90% increase in the number of new customers.

This success did not come overnight, but was the result of continuous testing, operating and optimizing the initiatives on the Lazada e-commerce platform with built-in solutions.

By working closely together, brands and Lazada are able, to achieve their common and ultimate goal of improving the consumer experience.

Why Super Brand Day?

To seize the 24-hour growth opportunity that Super Brand Day provides, brands must meet rigorous criteria. While there are thousands of authentic brands on LazMall, not every brand will secure the opportunity to advertise and showcase their products during this special event.

Kiehls Love Vietnam products made only for the Vietnamese market,

Kiehl's launches new products through Lazada’s "Super Brand Day" campaign. Photo by Lazada

However, this selection criteria also makes Super Brand Day unique from other campaigns. Sharing about the touch point of Super Brand Day with product positioning, Pham Bao Khanh Quynh, brand representative of Kiehl’s, said: "Only reputable brands can participate in Lazada's Super Brand Day. Kiehl's has positioned itself as a luxury cosmetics brand, and Super Brand Day helps the brand maintain its positioning."

In 2022, Colgate chose Lazada as its exclusive partner to introduce a set of teeth whitening devices in Vietnam through a Super Brand Day campaign named: "Level Up Whitening Experience."

"Colgate recorded the biggest sales and the highest number of buyers in a single day of online sales thanks to Super Brand Day. This helps us reach new customers," Arisa Ruchirawat, Colgate representative, said.

Samsung, one of the first brands that participated in the Super Brand Day campaign, considered this campaign a golden chance to promote and introduce its new flagship products to consumers.

Nguyen Ha Long, Samsung representative, said the campaign is full of added values. "Through the event, brands can offer 24-hour "super deals" to consumers such as exclusive discounts, vouchers, and gifts, which help drive customer behavior and to retain customers."

Samsung participates in the Super Brand Day campaign. Photo by Lazada

Samsung participates in the Super Brand Day campaign. Photo by Lazada

The success of Super Brand Day is also the result of close collaboration between brands and Lazada, to come up with strategic targets and plans.

For Long, the flexibility in working and approaching the market have enabled Samsung and Lazada to continue working together to reach new milestones in terms of revenue and customer visits.

Strategic business activities in 2023

Having served as a great boost for brands in previous years, Super Brand Day is still considered a key business activity for brands in 2023.

"Super Brand Day has helped us to increase not only in sales; it also represents an opportunity for brands to promote their name, approach new customers, and introduce new products to the market," said Bui Ngoc Khanh, sales manager at Philips Domestics Appliances Vietnam.

Colgate will continue to promote its main product line on the platform,

Colgate promotes its product on the platform. Photo by Lazada

Like Philips, in the future, Colgate will continue to promote its main product line on the platform, while looking to launch new products such as electric toothbrushes and teeth whitening toothpastes.

Arisa Ruchirawat also looks forward to further milestones with Lazada in the Super Brand Day campaign this year.

According to Long from Samsung, the Super Brand Day campaign on Lazada will continue to be an essential business strategy in the first six months of 2023. "With a win-win spirit of collaborating with the e-commerce platform, Super Brand Day serves as a rehearsal for us to measure and fix shortcomings to provide customers with better experience," he said.

In addition to promoting and supporting domestic and international retail businesses, Super Brand Day on Lazada also represents a commitment to sustainable cooperation and mutual support between the platform and its partners. Close relationships will create an increasingly holistic e-commerce ecosystem, allowing both the platform and brands to bring consumers many exciting experiences in 2023.

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