NovaWorld Phan Thiet to offer comprehensive wellness experience

By Ngoc Diem   April 4, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
Air evacuation services using helicopters and business jets will be an integral part of the NovaWorld healthcare experience.

The health tourism sector is gradually recovering from the interruptions caused by Covid-19, according to a December 2021 analysis by the Institute of Global Health. The industry is expected to grow at an average of 20.9 annually in the period 2020 - 25.

Medical tourists are frequently wealthier and travel more. They are also willing to spend a lot of money on health and wellness-related travel experiences, services and amenities.

In 2020 international healthcare tourists spent an average of US$1,601 per trip, which is 35% more than the average international visitor.

In light of this potential, projects focusing on the growth of wellness are attracting investors' attention.

The helicopter service from Tan Son Nhat to NovaWorld Phan Thiet takes only 40 minutes. Photo by Novaland

The helicopter ride from Tan Son Nhat to NovaWorld Phan Thiet takes only 40 minutes. Photo by Novaland

NovaWorld Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan Province) is set to offer medical emergency services by helicopter and business jet amid the revival of health tourism in Vietnam.

Representatives from Novaland, Vietstar Airlines, and prominent hospitals sign a partnership agreement. Photo by Novaland

Representatives from Novaland, Vietstar Airlines and some major hospitals sign an agreement. Photo by Novaland

In March Novaland, the project developer signed an agreement with Vietstar Airlines and leading hospitals to provide immersive services, including emergency airlift from its various projects to hospitals and vice versa.

Vietstar Airlines will bring some of the world's premier jet aircraft to Vietnam like Legacy, Gulfstream and Airbus and the AgustaWestland Leonardo AW139 helicopter.

The Gulfstream is notable for its cutting-edge technology, first-class cabin capacity and transcontinental range, and has been compared to "flying mansions."

The airplane and helicopter emergency services do not just promise a high-end experience for affluent people but are also of great medical importance.

According to Associate Professor Dr Do Kim Que, deputy director of United Hospital, evacuation by air has the greatest impact in many circumstances when patients are in a medical emergency. For instance, the ‘golden’ period for emergency treatment for people with a heart or brain stroke is measured in hours.

"In future this transportation team will also provide a lifetime chance for those who require organ transplantation. Because acquiring permission to transfer by civilian aircraft is a complicated process."

Bui Tuong Chi, director of commercial business and ground operations at Vietstar Airlines, said the company would deploy the medical emergency team to transport emergency patients to Hanoi, HCMC and overseas.

Patients will be received and transported by a technical team comprising doctors along with pilots and ground support.

An ambulance, pacemaker, sputum suction machine, oxygen, and other specialized medical equipment will be provided onboard if required. The aircraft will also have at least one doctor and a nurse and a care team.

Chi said: "Medical emergency services are the optimal choice for doctors to access and save patients' lives in time. To service a variety of clients, we will select helicopters and jets with the appropriate flight range".

The medical emergency transportation service is an outcome of Novaland’s efforts to create an ecosystem of high-end healthcare services that meet the demanding needs of VIP customers, thereby improving the quality of healthcare tourism services and making NovaWorld Phan Thiet an international wellness tourism destination.

Miss Earth 2021 experiences helicopter service at Novaworld. Photo by Novaland

The 2021 Miss Earth, Destiny Wagner experiences the helicopter service at Novaworld. Photo by Novaland

During a helicopter tour of NovaWorld Phan Thiet, the 2021 Miss Earth, Destiny Wagner, Belize, was impressed with the project's comprehensive and self-contained service.

"Novaland has done an excellent job of combining tourism, resorts, and healthcare into one project. NovaWorld will not just be a real estate brand, but also a lifestyle."

The 1,000-hectare NovaWorld Phan Thiet has hundreds of international facilities like the 10,000-seat Arena indoor sports and entertainment center, a 36-hole PGA golf course, a 3,500-seat ATP tennis arena, a 42-kilometer international marathon course, a theme park, a 25-hectare water park, more than 20 international hotels and resorts, etc.

In the last two years NovaGroup has signed agreements with several major hospitals and prestigious healthcare brands, both local and foreign.

The prospective of NovaWorld Phan Thiet project. Photo by Novaland

A perspective of NovaWorld Phan Thiet project. Photo by Novaland

Thanks to well-planned and comprehensive investment in utilities, services and experiences, NovaWorld Phan Thiet is expected to become an international destination serving a variety of tourism needs like MICE and wellness and raising Vietnam’s profile on the global resort tourism map.

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