With domestic airfares costing $1,200, my family would rather travel to Thailand

April 16, 2024 | 03:01 pm PT
With domestic airfares costing $1,200, my family would rather travel to Thailand
Economy-class air tickets of Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet. Photo by VnExpress/Anh Tu
My family of six cancelled our trip from Hanoi to HCMC because flight tickets would cost us VND30 million (US$1,192), almost as much as a full package tour to Thailand.

There have been many comparisons of domestic airfares between Vietnam and developed countries in recent times. In Vietnam, a Hanoi - HCMC trip would cost about $200. Meanwhile in the U.S., a flight with a similar duration would only be about $14.

Instead of traveling to HCMC, my family decided to book a full package tour to Thailand, which came to a total of VND35 million.

The opinion above was shared by reader Nguyengiathieu in response to an article about rising domestic airfares, especially during peak travel periods.

In the same comment section, many readers echoed the same sentiment:

Reader Khdang:

"Outbound flights can be slightly cheaper or just a tad pricers than domestic ones, so those who want to explore foreign culture may prefer traveling abroad as many countries are issuing favorable policies to promote international tourism.

Having visited nearly every tourist destination in Vietnam, I am also shifting towards other countries. From airfare to accommodation and sightseeing expenses, traveling abroad is not much costlier than in Vietnam. In fact, it can even be cheaper if you travel off-season. During these periods, flights to China, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and several other nations are even cheaper than domestic ones."

Reader Nguyen Giang:

"Domestic airfares in Vietnam are high not only during holidays but also on regular days. They are much more expensive than those in other countries, especially Thailand - a nation with a similar population and geography to Vietnam. I believe the reasons are the low frequencies of domestic flights and the lack of competition in this large and promising market."

Reader Nguyen Tuan:

"The lack of competition in the domestic aviation market has driven up airfares, leaving civilians with no choice but to accept sky-high ticket prices. If possible, the government should consider creating mechanisms for foreign budget airlines to enter the domestic market. This would greatly promote air travel and tourism activities."

Reader Luannguyen:

"If the aviation and tourism industries continue to work independently, I believe Vietnam's tourist destinations will see few Vietnamese visitors. The tourism industry must collaborate with the aviation sector to optimize profit margins and attract more local tourists. If domestic airfares remain too high, no one will choose to travel in Vietnam even if other expenses are dirt cheap as people will flock abroad because prices are even cheaper there."

Do you think domestic flights are too expensive in your country or in Vietnam?

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