My uncle aims to claim sole inheritance of grandparents' house

June 14, 2024 | 05:41 pm PT
My uncle aims to claim sole inheritance of grandparents' house
Unclear instructions from parents when bequeathing a house to their children can frequently lead to conflicts. Illustration photo by Pexels
Right after my grandfather passed away, my uncle demanded that his siblings sign paperwork to transfer the family home to him.

My grandparents had seven children. As they grew up, my father and five of his siblings all moved out to live on their own, except for the uncle in question, who stayed and lived with their parents.

Before my grandfather passed away, he expressed his wish for my uncle to continue living in and caring for the family house, as well as handling ceremonies. My grandmother, father, and the other siblings agreed to honor his last wish.

Recently, my uncle asked my father and the other siblings to sign an agreement transferring ownership of the house from my grandmother to him. Everyone agreed to sign under the condition that he would not sell it, but could live there and pass it down to his children.

However, my uncle adamantly refused to include this clause in the legal document, feeling disrespected by everyone. He stated he would not accept the house under those terms. The situation remains unresolved, but considering the absence of a legal will and our family's emphasis on maintaining bonds, it seems likely that my uncle's wishes will prevail.

Personally, I feel he wants to have his cake and eat it too. My father and other uncles and aunts frequently visited our grandparents, providing food, drinks, and medicine, and shared responsibility for their care. They also contributed financially. Therefore, I do not find it reasonable for my uncle to claim sole ownership of our grandparents' land and house without assuming full responsibility for their preservation.

What do you, fellow readers, believe is the best resolution in this situation?

Reader Nguyen Tuan

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