My hometown is rife with inheritance disputes

June 21, 2024 | 03:30 pm PT
My hometown is rife with inheritance disputes
Inheritance conflicts often happen in rural areas as real estate prices rise. Illustration photo by Pexels
I used to love my rural hometown because of its peaceful atmosphere, but now all I hear about whenever I return there are stories of disputes stemming from land inheritance.

There was even a murder case last week where the culprit traveled 750 km to his hometown in Quang Ngai Province to kill his entire extended family, allegedly due to longstanding disputes over family land distribution. Seeing such an event, I feel deeply saddened that in today's society, there are still many instances where families, siblings, parents, and relatives clash over issues of inheriting land and property.

Land plots where siblings grew up together suddenly become the source of lawsuits and even violent encounters. Homes, where families once celebrated the joyous moments of life together, are now destroyed by greed and selfishness.

Numerous lawsuits and disputes over this issue have lead to devastating consequences that are truly heart-wrenching. Such incidents occur every year across the country.

In my hometown, ever since urbanization raised land values, there have been more inheritance disputes among families and siblings. The number and severity of these incidents have increased alongside the value of real estate. Every time I return to the countryside, I hear my relatives discussing these stories. Fathers lament about their children dragging each other to court over land as no one is willing to compromise.

Rarely do family members maintain their previous close bonds after such occurrences. They may even harbor enmity and resentment from those lawsuits.

I used to love returning to my hometown, making the most of any free time to visit the village, and reconnect with relatives and neighbors. Sadly, now when I return, I still see the beauty of my village, but the tranquility and familial bonds among people are slowly disappearing.

In these cases, do you think land and properties are what have destroyed the families?

Reader Le Quy Hoang

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