I achieved less in 10 years than some inherit from parents

May 31, 2024 | 05:52 pm PT
I achieved less in 10 years than some inherit from parents
It can take years to achieve what some people inherit from their parents. Illustration photo by Quynh Tran
It took me a decade of hard work to be able to start my own business, while some people become managers right after graduation at their parents’ companies.

Well-off parents can provide their children with superior education and opportunities throughout their lives. These children are brought up in a vastly different environment, with privileges in both connections and education. Upon graduation, they can focus on honing their work skills and advancing their careers without worrying about basic needs like food, housing, and transportation, thanks to their parents' strong support system.

In contrast, children from less privileged families, even if they strive to improve and work hard right as they start their careers, might need 10-20 years to get to the starting points of children from affluent families.

Thirty years ago, I moved to the city for university. After graduation, I worked for a private company where my manager, who is younger than me, had been entrusted with running part of the business since his parents owned the firm. When he got married, his parents bought him a house and handed the entire business over to him.

Meanwhile, I had to work tirelessly for ten years before I could set up my own business. By this time, my rich peers had already advanced significantly, running large production companies instead of small ones.

This disparity pushes me to work hard to provide my children with better conditions than I had. Now, I am well able to provide for my children in terms of transportation, housing, and even business ventures if needed. As a result, I know they will not have to spend decades worrying about the necessities like I did and instead focus on developing their careers.

Beginning their career with both a good education and financial support from their parents will definitely help your children fare better than those who are talented but start with nothing. I believe you do not need to be extraordinarily wealthy to be able to afford the basic things for your children.

Would you let your children inherit your wealth to have a good start in life? Or would you prefer they learn things the hard way?

Reader Hung

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