Pressure of inheriting $1.2M from parents

May 7, 2024 | 03:10 pm PT
Pressure of inheriting $1.2M from parents
People who are born into wealth often grow up feeling unaccomplished due to various factors. Illustration photo by Pexels
I feel stressed out and unaccomplished as I grew up rich and was promised VND30 billion (US$1.18 million) in inheritance from my parents.

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I never had to take on part-time jobs during university like my classmates to afford tuition fee. Instead, I was given a motorbike and a few million dong per month for personal spending.

After graduating, I was instantly offered a job by a relative of my father with a decent salary. My parents even bought my an apartment close to my office so my commune would be more convenient.

I was never the type to indulge in luxuries or squander money, nor was I lazy in my studies or work. On the contrary, I studied diligently and took my job very seriously.

My parents, who live in the countryside, let me keep and use all of my salary, never asking me to send them money like my friends’ parents do.

In our hometown, they have a large house, land, a garden, fields. and other assets worth a total of about VND30 billion. They inherited some of these assets from my grandparents and acquired the rest through business endeavors and wealth accumulation.

Since a young age, I knew for a fact that I would inherit this wealth from my parents once they passed away.

My parents doted on me, but they were also very demanding individuals. I often wish to know what it feels like to have to work my own way to success and not be promised any inherited wealth like some of my friends. I still remember how a friend of mine and his spouse were so worried about debt when they bought their first home and how ecstatic they were when they finally paid off their loans.

I also feel awestruck at how happy a couple of my friends were when they see their new online businesses gradually expand.

I have always doubted myself, wondering if I could ever achieve success like my friends if I did not have my parents to back me. I have always wanted to break free from my arranged office work to start my own business or pursue my dreams, but whenever I discussed it with my parents, my wishes and desires were always brushed aside. I have a feeling that they think that I am incompetent and that I would erode the wealth my parents have built up, so they are determined to prevent me from changing my career.

I shared this story not to boast about my family's wealth, as there are many others richer than us, but to show that I have enough experience and insight to comment on whether being born rich makes you happy or not. Sometimes, I just yearn for an average family, enough money to live comfortably, and siblings to confide in.

Can money really solve all of your problems like people say?

Reader Hoan Nguyen

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