I live in worry after receiving a 1,500-square-meter land plot from my mother-in-law

March 28, 2024 | 03:09 pm PT
I live in worry after receiving a 1,500-square-meter land plot from my mother-in-law
Property inheritance conflicts could spark a family feud. Illustration photo by Pixabay
I fear a family feud would break out if my in-laws discovered that their mother had secretly given me and my husband a 1,500-square-meter land plot.

My husband and I have been married for 10 years with two children. We are currently living in the city with my parents, who are over 80 years old. We are not affluent but we make enough to support our family of six.

My parents-in-law live alone in the countryside as they prefer not to live with their children. They do not have to worry about finances because they have some savings in the bank that yield enough interest for them to live comfortably. They also earn extra income from renting out agricultural land.

My husband has five siblings, with the eldest sister having passed away early and leaving behind her child.

My husband is the youngest and most filial in the family. Even though we live in the city, we often visit his parents on weekends and during the Lunar New Year to take care of them and help with household chores. My husband also takes care of them when they are sick.

Perhaps because they feel this love and care, my parents-in-law love him the most in the family.

He has mentioned that if his parents become weaker, I will stay in the city to take care of my parents while he will move to the countryside to take care of his.

My parents are much older than his, so when my parents pass away, our entire family will move to his hometown. I also care for his parents because my mother-in-law treats me like her own child. She was there for me when I gave birth to my two children.

I also really enjoy the countryside life and so do our two children. They are very close to their paternal grandparents.

My parents-in-law have divided their land equally among their children and grandchildren.

After that, they still have a 3,500-square-meter plot. They have previously announced to the whole family that they wanted to give us about 1,500 square meters of that plot and keep the remaining land undivided as the family house and the ancestral altar reside on it. However, none of my husband's siblings agreed to this.

My husband and I do not have a strong opinion regarding their land so we are fine with either getting the 1,500-square-meter plot or equally dividing the big plot.

However, recently, my mother-in-law called to say that she had transferred the 1,500 square meters of land to us. I was taken aback because she did it secretly without telling anyone, and she told us to keep it a secret until she passed away.

When my husband found out, he asked his mom: "Mom, we are happy that you gave it to us, but if you do not tell our siblings, how can we bring ourselves to live on that plot of land in the future?"

My mother-in-law only told my husband: "I am giving more to you because I am afraid you will be at a disadvantage in the future, so you will not have to compete with your siblings."

None of the siblings know that the land has been transferred to us and if they find out, they might make a big fuss out of that.

They have, on numerous occasions, asked that my mother-in-law divide the land equally among the siblings, and my mother-in-law had always responded: "I am not giving that plot of land to anyone, we will sell it and divide the money equally later."

We are unable to speak up about the situation, so we just stay silent, but it weighs heavily on my mind.

I feel like my in-laws are often prying into our personal lives. If we keep silent, it will be difficult for us to live near my in-laws in the future. I know it was a difficult decision for my parents-in-law, which is why they kept it a secret.

But what should my husband and I do now to ensure that we can still have a good relationship with his siblings when we move to his hometown in the future?

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