Getting gold as wedding gift: Blessing or burden?

June 16, 2024 | 03:06 pm PT
Getting gold as wedding gift: Blessing or burden?
Reciprocating wedding gifts can place a financial strain on young couples. Illustration photo by Pixabay
Having to return the favor after receiving gold as a wedding gift is a financial burden for many young married couples.

There is a tradition that relatives or family members would give a couple gold on their wedding day. While this seems harmless, many did so expecting the couple to give back the same amount of gold on their children’s wedding or to uphold family honor.

This has become a burden for young couples, as they either have to buy the yellow metal — often at higher prices than the original — to reciprocate the gift, or not use the gold they received at all, opting to keep it to give back later.

One might wonder: Does the tradition of giving gold as wedding gifts and later asking them to return the favor truly come from a place of love? Or has it been distorted by the sense of pride that many families have?

The true nature of wedding gifts lies not in their value. People should give what they have. In the past, grandparents would give a pair of mats or a thermal bottle, and those without money would just help out with the wedding preparations.

Gifts were once about celebrating the couple’s new beginning. Though they have been reduced to cash for practicality, they still carry the same meaning: sharing the joy. If it is only about celebration and comes from the heart, then why should reciprocation become a responsibility?

If anyone still views wedding gifts as loans, then please keep your gold and money to yourself. Live with gratitude and consideration, but importantly, act within your means. Don’t let pride take precedence over your well-being.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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