TikTok becomes most popular online shopping platform of Thai youth

By VNA   March 1, 2024 | 04:37 pm PT
TikTok becomes most popular online shopping platform of Thai youth
The logo of TikTok is seen on a smartphone. Photo by Pixabay
TikTok, an online video-sharing platform, has become the most popular online shopping platform among Thais aged up to 29, according to a survey conducted by the Trade Policy and Strategy Office (TPSO).

The survey was conducted among 4,699 respondents throughout the country.

The platform has gained popularity as an online commerce platform among the youth, as it emphasizes happiness and entertainment, so-called "Shoppertainment", through live streams and short videos created by users and influencers.

TPSO Director Poonpong Naiyanapakorn said shoppers aged between 50 and 59 still shop online via Facebook, because they are familiar with the system and vendors offer competitive pricing.

They also prefer shopping via original e-commerce channels, such as Shopee and Lazada, due to their strong shop and product management systems, as well as their payment and refund systems.

According to Poonpong, these features play an important role in increasing trust between sellers and buyers.

The survey found that young people shop frequently, but do not purchase expensive goods. They prefer to buy through social commerce channels that focus on entertaining them and making them "happy".

This is in contrast to older shoppers, who prioritize the value and quality of goods and services.

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