World’s 5 youngest billionaires boast $10.3B net worth

By Minh Hieu   April 13, 2024 | 03:15 pm PT
The five youngest billionaires in the world, all of whom inherited their fortunes, have a combined net worth of US$10.3 billion, Forbes reported.

Livia Voigt, 19

Livia Voigt. Photo from Instagram

Livia Voigt. Photo from Instagram

Livia Voigt inherited a 3.1% stake in Brazilian electrical equipment producer WEG after their grandfather Werner Ricardo Voigt, the billionaire co-founder of the firm, died in 2016.

WEG stands as a powerhouse in the electric motor manufacturing industry with sales to 135 countries and revenues of $6 billion in 2023.

Livia leads a quiet life with her family in Florianópolis, Brazil, and is currently in university studying psychology, as reported by The Sun.

She maintains no active role in the company's day-to-day operations and has earned millions in dividends from her stake in WEG.

Forbes estimated Voigt’s net worth to be at US$1.1 billion as of April 10.

Clemente Del Vecchio, 19

Clemente Del Vecchio. Photo from Instagram

Clemente Del Vecchio. Photo from Instagram

At the age of 19, Clemente Del Vecchio's fortune stemmed from his 12.5% stake in the holding company Delfin, following the passing of his father, the company's founder, Leonardo Del Vecchio, in 2022.

Delfin boasts a diverse portfolio, with investments in notable entities including the world-renowned eyeglasses firm EssilorLuxottica, renowned for its iconic Ray-Ban brand.

Additionally, Delfin holds stakes in leading insurer Generali, prominent lenders Mediobanca and UniCredit, and real estate developer Covivio.

He was the youngest billionaire in Forbes’ 2023 and 2022 rankings. He is two months older than Livia Voigt.

Del Vecchio's net worth is estimated at $4.7 billion as of April 10.

Kim Jung-youn, 20, and Kim Jung-min, 22

Kim Jung-min and her sister Jung-youn each hold a 9% stake in the South Korean-Japanese online gaming publisher Nexon through its parent company NXC, according to South Korean newspaper The Chosun Daily.

Their ownership of the firm came upon the passing of their father Kim Jung-ju, the gaming giant’s founder, at the age of 54 in 2022.

Nexon has gained widespread acclaim for its portfolio of successful games, including titles such as "The Kingdom of the Winds," "Kart Rider," "Crazy Arcade," and "MapleStory."

Neither sister has taken an active role in Nexon's operations, and there is little information available about them.

As of April 10, each of the siblings has a net worth of $1.4 billion.

Kevin David Lehmann, 21

Kevin David Lehmann owns 50% of dm-drogerie markt, a leading German drugstore chain with over 4,000 outlets in Europe.

His father, Günther Lehmann, invested in the firm in 1974 and transferred his share to Kevin in 2017.

The firm recorded revenues of about $17 billion in 2023.

Lehmann’s net worth is at $3.1 billion as of April 10.

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