Castrol accompanies Vietnamese mechanics

By Thy An   July 30, 2023 | 07:00 pm PT
Refreshed branding and developing capability for the mechanic community are Castrol’s top priorities this year.

After 124 years of robust growth, Castrol has established itself as one of the world's leading companies in lubricants. Its products are globally recognized for quality and performance, covering all needs for the automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial, and energy industries.

Castrol recently refreshed its brand to better reflect its differentiated, pioneering position in the market. The company has chosen a path of comprehensive development. It will continue to lead the core lubricant business that makes the brand's reputation while expanding investment into other potential areas to create new opportunities for growth.

Castrol Vietnam said the refreshed brand identity had been carefully researched and prepared based on the process of building a comprehensive brand strategy. This represents a significant milestone for Castrol as the brand looks to the future with big plans. Along with the updated brand, upskilling the mechanic community is also a top priority for Castrol as it looks to the future.

This year, Castrol has relaunched the Castrol Super Mechanic 2023 program, an important initiative that has been sustained for more than 10 years to build a strong and professional mechanic community in Vietnam.

The event returns on a bigger scale, more engaging training content, and the Castrol Zoom mobile application, which primarily serves as a digital platform for mechanics.

This year's training and education content meets the maintenance needs of the latest vehicle engines, as well as combining both offline training and an online platform to update new skills for a wide range of mechanics around the world.

Attendees check their submissions at the Castrol Super Mechanic 2023 program. Photo courtesy of Castrol Vietnam

Attendees check their submissions at the Castrol Super Mechanic 2023 program. Photo courtesy of Castrol Vietnam

Thai Kim Hau, owner of Thanh Hau Motorbike Repair Shop in Vinh Long province, said that during his 7 years of participation, he had acquired plenty of new and valuable knowledge.

This year, he is pleased with the two training courses on professional skills and customer care. Castrol experts have taught about ABS brake technology, LED lights, Smart keys, and the latest automatic transmission motorcycles.

These are the things most mechanics are not familiar with. Customer communication skills are also taught to help shops promote their businesses.

Attendees pose for a picture at the final event. Photo courtesy of Castrol

Attendees pose for a picture at the offline class of Castrol Super Mechanic program. Photo courtesy of Castrol

Hau said that despite the hard work, he was very dedicated during his 20 years working with Castrol, helping fix many bikes and handling many hard cases. Castrol's supporting activities made him love his job even more.

Being in the top 50 mechanics of the training program for two consecutive years, Hau is proud to showcase the certificates in his shop. This year, he is striving to rise to the top 3. If successful, he will leverage the achievement to promote his shop and acquire more customers.

Dang Viet Dung, owner of Viet Dung Tay Ga shop in Hanoi, has cooperated with Castrol since succeeding his father in 2006. He has regularly participated in the Castrol Super Mechanic program since 2016. During his nearly 20 years with the shop, Dung said the past 7 years have been its most successful period.

Castrol helped him decorate signs and display eye-catching products. The company also provided training in skills and professional services.All this has enabled him to develop his father's small shop into a much larger one.

Dang Viet Dung and ?? receive a certificate for being some of the excellent mechanics of the Castrol Super Mechanic 2023 program. Photo courtesy of Castrol

Dang Viet Dung and his partner receives a certificate for being some of the excellent mechanics of the Castrol Super Mechanic 2023 program. Photo courtesy of Castrol

Dung is a quiet man who previously only wanted to work with machines. Castrol understood this and provided him with training in communication skills, so he could win customer’s trust.

"Thanks to Castrol for always listening to what I have to say as a mechanic. This year, I am determined to reach the final round of the competition. If I win a top prize, I will launch a big loyalty program for our customers," Dung said.

The Castrol Super Mechanic 2023 program, which honors the top 3 pairs of mechanics this October, will underscore Castrol's long-term commitment to developing a highly skilled mechanic workforce. The program also promises to bring more professional services to motorcycle owners in Vietnam.

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