Bespin Global, Changsoft to develop Vietnam smart cities

By Phong Van   June 15, 2023 | 12:00 am PT
Bespin Global and Changsoft plan to develop and apply smart city data-integrated management platforms to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang.

Bespin Global Vietnam, a cloud management service provider, has signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korean firm Changsoft I&I to build a smart city platform in Vietnam.

The MOU was signed to collaborate on the effective integration of Changsoft's BIM solution (Building Information Modeling) into the THT-Bespin smart city hub jointly developed and operated by Bespin Global's Vietnamese subsidiary and Daewoo EC, a Vietnamese subsidiary of THT Development.

Kim Tae Ho, Country Director of Bespin Global Vietnam (R), and Park Jong Eun - CFO of Changsoft I&I. Photo by Bespin Global

Kim Tae Ho (R), Country Director of Bespin Global Vietnam, and Park Jong Eun, CFO of Changsoft I&I. Photo by Bespin Global

Bespin Global Vietnam and Changsoft plan to cooperate with each other based on their respective capabilities to secure smart city-related business leadership throughout Vietnam. They also plan to expand their business areas to the entire Southeast Asian market in the future.

Based on the MOU, the two companies intend to cooperate to develop and apply smart city data-integrated management platforms to smart cities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang.

Currently, Bespin Global Vietnam is using the smart city data integrated management platform (THT-Bespin smart city hub) to manage the operation of the new Starlake urban area developed and operated by Daewoo E&C in central Hanoi.

Kim Eun Seok, CEO of Changsoft I&I, said: "The strategic partnership between Changsoft and Bespin Global will be a good opportunity to promote the development of smart cities in Vietnam. This cooperation serves as a ‘stepping stone’ to expand the vision of the smart city and create a better living environment."

"With the combination of BIM technology developed by Changsoft and smart city data integration management platforms, the competitiveness in reducing maintenance costs and prevention of key equipment in smart cities are enhanced. Bespin Global is expected to accelerate its commercialization strategy in the Vietnamese market by applying Changsoft's BIM solution," said Kim Tae Ho, Country Director of Bespin Global Vietnam.

BIM refers to a digital model that expresses information such as the shape and attributes of a facility so that all information generated over the life cycle of the facility can be integrated and utilized based on a 3D information model. Since all information on design drawings and buildings can be stored in 3D model data, it is a very important foundational factor in architectural design, construction, and operation management and is further a backbone of construction digitalization.

BIM technology acts as a key element in smart city projects because it digitally represents buildings, infrastructure, and public spaces in cities. It is not only possible to create a 3D model of the entire city including information about buildings, roads, utilities, and other infrastructure, but also to analyze and optimize the design and infrastructure of the city. In addition, different scenarios can be simulated for testing before construction to see how the changes affect the city's infrastructure and services. At the same time, BIM also used to distinguish potential problems, conflicts and improve communication between stakeholders.

Changsoft is a BIM solution Contech company and is home to the BuilderHub series, a 3D automatic detailed modeling tool for reinforcement, concrete, and mold work, which account for more than 70% of the construction cost.

The BIM industry, which has relied on overseas technologies, has attracted attention by launching Korea's first 3D BIM detailed design tool, and more than 100 Korean companies are currently applying Builder Hub to construction sites across the country. BIM data from 200 to 300 projects per year is collected through Builder Hub and automated BIM data is continuously advanced to improve its reliability.

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