Abbott leads Vietnam's '100 best places to work' ranking

By Phong Van    November 21, 2022 | 02:00 am PT
Abbott has led Top 100 "Vietnam - Best Place to Work 2022," a recognition for the U.S. healthcare company's diverse and innovative working environment.

Named in the Top 100 Best places to work in Vietnam for the past eight years ending 2021, the global healthcare leader established in 1888 had been consecutively awarded the title in Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment and Healthcare Services by Anphabe, a Vietnamese career network company.

Since 2020, Abbott stood among the Top 5 companies of the list.

Anphabe had conducted a survey and gathered responses from more than 50,000 experienced working professionals in Vietnam in order to come up with the list.

This year ranking was announced on Nov. 9.

"Abbott is an innovative, great place to work, that cares about and values its employees," said Douglas Kuo, Divisional Vice President and General Manager of Abbott in Vietnam.

"Our purpose and mission are to provide our colleagues with the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better, while living their own best lives personally and professionally. We do this by offering a variety of benefits and development opportunities that allow employees to build thriving workplace relationships and careers, along with financial security for themselves and their families," he said.

Earlier, Abbott received the Asia Pacific award for Extraordinary Internship Program by France's ChooseMyCompany magazine in the Asia Pacific 2021, was selected No.1 in Medical Products for nine consecutive years on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list, and voted among 100 Best Companies by Seramount magazine (formerly Working Mother magazine) for 21 years in a row.

Douglas Kuo, Divisional Vice President and General Manager of Abbott in Vietnam.

Douglas Kuo, Divisional Vice President and General Manager of Abbott in Vietnam. Photo by Abbott

In its 28-year history in Vietnam, one of Abbott’s key markets, the company has continuously invested in the country, building sustained and stable business growth, nurturing young talents through quality internship program, providing everyone with opportunities to move up in career and empowering women.

Abbott has provided employees a career development platform called Career Connect so that they can set up and personalize their own career advancement plans. Employees of all levels can access a wide range of training curriculums, including the Vietnam Leadership Program. They are encouraged to approach gigs, projects, career journeys and mobility opportunities in the region or around the world.

As a workplace that highly regards diversity and inclusion, Abbott focuses on empowering women, giving equal opportunities, and encouraging them to seize opportunities for development to leader role. The employee network "Women Leaders of Abbott" has connected, inspired and facilitated female employees to magnify their full potential.

Regular seminars are held to inspire women and to exchange solutions to help women lead a successful career and a happy life.

Abbott also endorses science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs to meet the future needs of the healthcare industry. High school students in Vietnam are among the lucky beneficiaries in the company’s first STEM internship program.

Making positive impact

Abbott’s 113,000 people are working proactively in seeking innovative solutions and breakthrough initiatives to crack healthcare challenges, thereby helping people in more than 160 countries to lead healthier, better lives. This common goal is also a source of motivation and pride that connects all Abbott’s employees.

In Vietnam, Abbott and the Abbott Foundation have invested nearly VND280 billion (over US$12 million) to help address critical health issues, with a focus on improving nutrition, preventing, and treating chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems, training medical professionals and raising public awareness on healthcare.

Since 2006, Abbott has teamed up with AmeriCares and the Giao Diem Humanitarian Foundation to implement nutrition support programs for children in areas with high rates of malnutrition in central Vietnam provinces such as Quang Tri and Thua Thien - Hue.

Abbott and the Vietnam Women's Union for more than a decade have been promoting the benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding.

Since 2019, Abbott has introduced a:care - a pioneering initiative that fuses advances in behavioral science and digital tools to support healthcare professionals and empower people to take small, manageable steps to improve the way they follow and keep up with medical treatments in order to get healthier.

Abbott initiated and successfully hosted global a:care congresses in 2021 and 2022. They gathered the world’s leading experts in medicine and behavioral science to find sustainable solutions to adherence, with an aim to improving the health of people around the world.

"With over 130 years of corporate history and almost 3 decades of operation in Vietnam, we have sustained long-term partnership programs with organizations such as Vietnam Women’s Union, Giao Diem Humanitarian Foundation and Americares, so we can stand by Vietnamese people to address healthcare challenges," said Divisional Vice President and General Manager of Abbott in Vietnam, Douglas Kuo.

"With long-term mindset and commitment, we are dedicated to work together for a healthier and stronger Vietnam," he added.

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