Vietnamese singer wins sixth highest score on Chinese show

By Nghinh Xuan   July 22, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Singer Chi Pu had the sixth highest score at the end of the final episode of the Chinese reality show “Sisters Who Make Waves” on Friday.

She also won two sub-categories in the show, including the "Fan Favorite" award for her "Shut Up and Dance" song, which she performed with Ella and former contestant Meng Jia in a previous season of the show, and the "Overcoming Challenges" award.

Her performance earned Chi Pu a position as part of the 11-member girl group that will debut and be active in the Chinese entertainment industry after the show.

Chi Pu performs on Sisters Who Make Waves. Photo from Chi Pus Instagram

Chi Pu performs on "Sisters Who Make Waves." Photo from Chi Pu's Instagram

Others in the top 11 include Taiwanese pop singer Ella, Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Amber, Japanese pop singer Maria, Chinese TV personality Xie Na, Chinese actress-singer Zhu Zhu, Chinese pop singer Liu Xijun, Taiwanese Aboriginal singer A-Lin, Hong Kong-American actress-singer Celina Jade, Chinese fusion singer Gong Linna, and Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia.

Chi Pu has received many compliments from contest organizers and the Chinese audience, who consider her someone that always tries to overcome her own flaws while competing in the show.

She also showed her creativity as the show progressed as she integrated acrobatic movements and pole dancing in her performances throughout the show.

Chi Pu said in her speech during the final night: "I feel I'm so lucky that I have a chance to be with Ella. She's not only my teacher, not only my sister, but she's also my roommate, my close friend, and my soulmate."

Reflecting on her journey with the show, Chi Pu said the show "changed her life." She also considered other members in the show her "second family."

"Now is the end of the show and I feel like I miss you guys already. Thanks for everything," she said.

Chi Pu is an actress and pop singer. She was honored on the Forbes’ list of the Asia Pacific's 100 most influential digital stars in 2020.

Produced by Mango TV since its premiere in 2020, "Sisters Who Make Waves" is a reality show in which female celebrities over 30 compete against each other to win a place in a girl group.

The show won Best Reality Show at the 2020 Douyin Entertainment Awards.

Chi Pu and Chinese actress-singer Cya Liu perform "Who’s That Girl". Video from Sisters Who Make Waves' YouTube

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