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Motorbike market sees an H1 cooling down

Just over 1.5 million motorbikes were sold in Vietnam in the first half of 2019, down 6 percent year-on-year, as the market is close to saturation.

Google Maps launches motorcycle mode in Vietnam

Web mapping service Google Maps has released a motorcycle mode for Vietnam and other Asian countries, including Singapore and Thailand.

Honda motorcycle sales boost quarterly net profit

Motorcycle sales volume grew in India and Vietnam.
August 02, 2017 | 08:56 am GMT+7

Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2017

It's time to 'free your wheels'
May 03, 2017 | 02:19 pm GMT+7

Vietnam's delivery men: Oh the things you can carry

Where there's a will (and a motorcycle), there's a way.
December 06, 2016 | 01:30 pm GMT+7

BMW presents its self-balancing motorcycle of the future

The motorcycle of the future is so safe riders can cruise sans helmet, all of the thrills with none of the danger.
October 12, 2016 | 12:22 pm GMT+7

Vietnam kick-starts plans for motorbike emissions tests

This proposal has been debated for a decade but strong public opposition has thwarted its implementation.
September 08, 2016 | 06:00 am GMT+7

Hanoi passengers turn their backs on buses as personal vehicles rise

Personal vehicles, poor service quality and congestion are to blame.
July 14, 2016 | 02:40 pm GMT+7

Photographer's eye: Motorcycle stories

Southeast Asia’s climate makes it easy to ride a motorcycle all year long. We might ride various kinds of motorbikes for different reasons, but we all share the same roads.
April 29, 2016 | 08:29 am GMT+7
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