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Woman arrested in northern Vietnam with drugs carried from Laos border

A woman who allegedly trafficked drugs from Laos border to Hanoi and northern provinces has been arrested.

Ministry wants re-enactment of law imprisoning drug users

A 1999 law that would imprison anyone who illegally uses drugs is on the anvil as an anti-drug trafficking move.

Drug mule shoots and kills border officer in central Vietnam

A Vietnamese border officer was killed and two others were wounded in a gunfight with drug smugglers on the Laos border Monday.
June 04, 2019 | 11:48 am GMT+7

Three arrested for trafficking drugs from Laos to Vietnam

Police have arrested three persons allegedly involved in smuggling narcotics from Laos across the border to Nghe An Province and Ho Chi Minh City.
June 03, 2019 | 07:31 am GMT+7

Lao man sentenced to death for smuggling 10 kilos of drugs to Vietnam

A court in the central province of Nghe An sentenced a Lao man to death on Friday for carrying 10.7 kilos of drugs into Vietnam.
June 01, 2019 | 10:10 am GMT+7

Mother silent after drug gang members rape, murder daughter

The mother of a woman gang-raped and murdered by eight men in northern Vietnam belonged to their drug ring, police say.
May 28, 2019 | 07:34 am GMT+7

Lao men detained near Vietnam border with 100,000 ecstasy pills

Three men were caught near the Vietnam-Laos border Thursday while transporting 100,000 ecstasy pills they bought in Laos.
May 24, 2019 | 05:12 pm GMT+7

Two arrested for smuggling meth from Cambodia on motorbike

Two Vietnamese men were arrested while carrying methamphetamine from Cambodia to Vietnam on a motorbike on Wednesday.
May 24, 2019 | 08:48 am GMT+7

Two Vietnamese women arrested in Malaysia drug raid

Malaysian authorities on Tuesday detained three drug pushers, including a local man and two Vietnamese women.
May 23, 2019 | 05:20 pm GMT+7

French drug smuggler sentenced to death in Indonesia

Indonesia on Monday sentenced a French drug smuggler to death by firing squad, in a shock verdict after prosecutors had asked for a long prison term.
May 20, 2019 | 04:24 pm GMT+7

Two Lao men crossing into Vietnam with 120,000 ecstasy pills nabbed

Two men were caught on the Laos border on Saturday with 120,000 ecstasy pills as they were seeking to smuggle them into Vietnam.
May 20, 2019 | 09:27 am GMT+7

HCMC drug ring distributing meth in Vung Tau busted

Police in the southern beach town Vung Tau have arrested six drug dealers running a methamphetamine ring from its neighbor Ho Chi Minh City.
May 16, 2019 | 08:43 am GMT+7

Vietnamese nabbed for smuggling 64 kg of drugs from Cambodia

Long An police have arrested a local man for transporting 64 kg (141 pounds) of heroin and meth from Cambodia via a border gate.
May 14, 2019 | 09:05 am GMT+7

Saigon customs find 7.4 kg of synthetic drugs in parcels from Europe

Customs authorities in Ho Chi Minh City have discovered drugs in packages sent from Europe by international mail.
May 10, 2019 | 03:11 pm GMT+7

Extensive trafficking routes, customs loopholes make Vietnam a drug transit hub

Vietnam’s long borders, multitude of trafficking routes and customs loopholes make it a major drug trafficking hub, top drug officials admit.
May 10, 2019 | 10:29 am GMT+7
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