Cambodian man sentenced to death for smuggling 31 kg of drugs

By Van Tram, Phuoc Tuan   September 29, 2023 | 12:44 am PT
Cambodian man sentenced to death for smuggling 31 kg of drugs
Sbov Proeurn, Nguyen Ngoc Hai and Dang Ngoc Quy stand before the Binh Phuoc People's Court, September 28, 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Van Tram
A Cambodian man and two Vietnamese in southern Binh Phuoc Province were sentenced to death for smuggling 31 kg of heroin and methamphetamine into Vietnam.

Cambodian national Sbov Proeurn, 36, Nguyen Ngoc Hai, 29, and Dang Ngoc Quy, 24 were sentenced to death by the Binh Phuoc People's Court on Thursday for drug trafficking. Hai was also charged with illegally storing military weapons.

On March 26 last year a Cambodian man of unknown identity hired Sbov to transport narcotics from Cambodia to HCMC, paying him $200 per kilogram, according to the indictment.

Sbov rode a motorbike three months later to a market in Memot District, TboungKhmum Province, received two 20-liter plastic containers and a plastic bag containing drugs from a person of unknown identity, then brought them back to Binh Phuoc.

Sbov then hired Hai to bring the drugs from the border to HCMC for $150 per kilogram. Quy was hired by Hai to deliver to three people in HCMC for VND15 million ($616.62).

On July 2 and July 5, 2022, Sbov received three more drug containers and brought them to the border. Quy also went to the border to receive the drugs, get VND5 million as payment, then delivered them to HCMC.

When he got to a National Highway 13 section through Binh Long Town, he was arrested by the police and 31 kg of heroin and meth were seized.

Further investigations resulted in the arrest of Sbov and Hai, along with the seizure of two guns, six bullets, and a kilogram of drugs.

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