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Pet Tet: Brisk Lunar New Year business for pet services

Amidst the Tet bustle nationwide, pets are being prepared to be at their best for Lunar New Year festivities.

Hanoi considers geo-positioning chips on dogs

Hanoi is considering tagging dogs in the city with geographic postitioning chips to better manage them.

Mute shoeshiner strikes Gold after losing best friend

A moving, remarkable drama played out recently in Saigon, with a blind dog reunited after two weeks with a mute shoeshiner.
December 14, 2018 | 02:08 pm GMT+7

Hanoi to catch unattended dogs to fight rabies

Hanoi is set to hire dogcatchers to round up stray and unattended canines as part of efforts to combat rabies.
November 28, 2018 | 01:35 pm GMT+7

Why our dog was a close family member

Before he died, our family dog, Lu, showed us how intertwined dogs’ lives are with ours, how they are family to us.
November 27, 2018 | 01:59 pm GMT+7

Do the civilized eat dogs? That’s a stupid question

Whining about the ethics of eating dog meat is basically barking up the wrong tree.
October 04, 2018 | 01:00 pm GMT+7

Ho Chi Minh City raids largest dog meat market

As part of controversial moves to limit or stop dog meat consumption, a Saigon market was raided on Tuesday.
September 20, 2018 | 02:29 pm GMT+7

Hanoi gets into a cat and dog fight

Many Hanoians are not happy at the prospect of not being able to make meal of man’s best friend.
September 14, 2018 | 07:39 pm GMT+7

Dogs are back on the table in Vietnam

The debate has been joined yet again. Should we or should we not consume dog meat?
September 14, 2018 | 10:20 am GMT+7

Why dogs are not meant to be eaten

There are many reasons for people to avoid eating dog meat, health is one of them.
September 13, 2018 | 08:50 am GMT+7

Macau authorities adopt over 600 greyhounds from closed dog track

Authorities in Macau said they will care for more than 600 greyhounds ahead of the closure of China’s only dog-racing track.
July 23, 2018 | 09:56 am GMT+7

Dogs vs. boar deathmatch in Hanoi sparks outrage on social media

The event was caught on camera and shows several fighting dogs ganging up on a lone boar.
March 21, 2018 | 12:36 pm GMT+7

Taiwanese artist creates mini dog sculptures for Lunar New Year

Chen Forng-Shean, who has been carving Chinese zodiac animals for 20 years, has created 1mm-long miniscule sculptures of dogs for the upcoming Year of the Dog.
February 14, 2018 | 04:22 pm GMT+7

For the year of Dog: Top dogs gather to get paws on prize at Westminster show in New York

As the Lunar Year of the Dog approaches, dog breeders and owners from around the world put their best feet and paws forward at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show in New York City.
February 13, 2018 | 05:50 pm GMT+7

Canine cash: Vietnamese on the hunt for lucky money ahead of Year of the Dog

Notes and coins featuring images of dogs are being snapped up in the build up to Tet.
February 09, 2018 | 10:16 am GMT+7
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