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9 bears, after a decade in captivity, saved by wildlife group in Vietnam

A local bile farm has handed over the bears and the animals are about to start their new life at a sanctuary.

Zebedee, moon bear rescued from bile farm, to receive face surgery in Vietnam

The bear has a hole in his nasal cavity sustained during an escape attempt that makes him prone to pneumonia and ...

Vietnam's bear sanctuary expands, allowing more to be rescued from bile farming

The sanctuary, currently home to 161 rescued bears, can accommodate up to 40 more.
April 20, 2017 | 10:22 am GMT+7

Two endangered moon bears rescued in Vietnam's Central Highlands

The bears will soon begin rehabilitation process while the farm which has kept them for more than a decade will be closed. 
April 13, 2017 | 08:53 am GMT+7

Endangered animals rescued in Vietnam’s Central Highlands

A bear and two monkeys have been set free from captivity.
September 12, 2016 | 07:32 pm GMT+7

Endangered moon bear rescued in Vietnam after decade in captivity

The last survivor of a failed circus can start a new chapter in her life.
August 04, 2016 | 11:32 am GMT+7

Rescued bear makes a splash on return to freedom in Vietnam

Animals Asia has released a new video showing Tuffy, one of the bears rescued from a bear bile farm in Vietnam, enjoying his first moments of freedom after years of torture in a ...
April 20, 2016 | 02:26 pm GMT+7