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Thousands scramble for luck amid chaos in Vietnam's Mekong Delta

Locals in Long An Province let loose at a festival with sacred offerings up for grabs.

Two snakes and an abandoned grave show how quickly worshippers gather in Vietnam

Thousands of people have gathered to bow to the snakes and give them over $8,800 in offerings, acts described by ...

A million ways to light up for the Lunar New Year

Eating fire in Manila or ringing a bell 108 times in New York were things people do to welcome the Year of the Dog.
February 17, 2018 | 01:18 pm GMT+7

Whale worshippers: Residents build boat-shaped shrine in central Vietnam

Fishermen in Quang Nam Province have used their own money to honor their giant protectors. 
September 03, 2017 | 01:41 pm GMT+7

Mother Goddesses: Vietnam's centuries-old worship ritual honored by UNESCO

'By combining music, singing, dancing, martial arts, cusine and fashion, the ritual has acted as a living museum.'
December 02, 2016 | 03:10 pm GMT+7
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