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Vietnam Coast Guard receives high-speed patrol boats

The coast guard forces continue to boost their defense capacity with several new vessels this year.

Vietnam Coast Guard muscles up with Netherlands-designed vessel

The Vietnam Coast Guard has received another multi-functional vessel in a move to defend the country’s maritime ...

Japanese coast guard ship docks in central Vietnam

The naval exchange is taking place amid growing tensions with China over disputed waters.
July 26, 2016 | 02:22 pm GMT+7

Vietnam Coast Guard builds muscle with new vessels

Another four high-speed patrol boats are also in the pipeline.
July 17, 2016 | 07:52 am GMT+7

Vietnam Coast Guard muscles up with high-speed patrol boats

The Vietnam Coast Guard on June 18 conducted technical inspectations to prepare for formally receiving four high-speed patrol boats in a bid to strengthen its maritime patrols.
June 19, 2016 | 06:17 pm GMT+7