Cloud hunting in Ta Xua Mountain

By Hai Yen Chu   June 20, 2016 | 09:52 pm PT
Ta Xua, the 10th highest mountain in Vietnam, is best known for its “sea of clouds” blanketing the valley below.
But it’s not easy to catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing scene: you need to be on the mountain at the right time of the day during the right season of the year. The best time to “hunt clouds” in Ta Xua is from December to March, and if you are lucky enough, you'll be drinking some tea above a blanket of clouds.
There are two ways to access Ta Xua, which is located in Bac Yen Commune, Bac Yen District in the northern province of Son La. One starts from Tram Tau (Yen Bai Province), the other from Bac Yen (Son La). Be it the former or the latter, none will take you less than three days.


ta xua cloud
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