Taiwanese plays sport of stacking cups

By Reuters   April 17, 2016 | 03:16 am PT
Taiwanese children show off their stacking skills after winning eleven gold medals at the world championship in Germany.

Meet the athletes from Taiwan who have won 11 gold medals at a recent world championship.

It's for a sport called stacking -- competitors stack a set of plastic cups into a pyramid or some other sequence, as quickly as possible.

15-year-old Yang Chu-chun is the fastest female in her age group. She took home four gold medals.

"There are a lot of people close behind me who want to catch up to me. So the pressure is quite high, but I have to overcome this, keep calm, and continue to surpass myself, to be my own opponent and keep surpassing myself," Yang Chu-Chun said.

Variations of the sport include relays, and competitors can double up. It's a tough sport, as the youngest athlete, six-year-old Lee Tai-chen, explains.

"Sometimes they will limit the time and those who didn't finish just have to give up," said 6-year-old stacking athlete Lee Tai-Chen.

They are looking to defend their titles on home turf, in the next world championship.
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