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Fragrant grilled beef rolled in lolot leaf

Bo la lot, made by rolling Vietnamese beef in lotot leaf, might grab you instantly with its fragrance.

The fruit with a bad rap now in pastry form in Saigon’s Chinatown

A cart sells durian pastries that are so popular customers often have to wait in line to get them.

Saigon market eateries serve an array of appetizing snacks

Ban Co market in District 3 is the place to head for if you are feeling hungryish and fancy a delicious bite or two.
September 17, 2019 | 05:00 pm GMT+7

In Saigon, enjoy a bowl of pho without the bowl

A Saigon eatery has pioneered a completely new way to savor pho, the noodle soup that epitomizes Vietnamese cuisine.
August 05, 2019 | 09:26 pm GMT+7

‘Pomegranate’ cake adds color and sweetness to Tet in Saigon

The attractive pomegranate-shaped cake is traditionally made for the Lunar New Year celebrations in Saigon’s Chinatown.
February 01, 2019 | 03:33 pm GMT+7

Have a bite of this decades-old wonton noodles in Saigon

A wonton noodles shop in the suburban Go Vap District has been serving since 1980.
September 26, 2018 | 11:00 am GMT+7

A Saigon café milks a 'different' breakfast habit

For 20 years, an unassuming Saigon cafe has been catering to an atypical Vietnamese breakfast tradition: fresh milk.
August 15, 2018 | 07:17 am GMT+7

Saigon’s night food market scene

The streets of the southern metropolis are a haven for adventurous foodies, with all manner gastronomic delights to be found.
March 22, 2016 | 10:29 am GMT+7
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