Vietnam lose AFF Cup title to Thailand

By Hoang Nguyen    JAN. 16, 2023

Vietnam failed to turn it around in the second leg of the 2022 AFF Cup after losing 0-1 and let Thailand lift the trophy on Monday.

Before the second leg of the final, Vietnam have to win against Thailand or at least draw 3-3 to claim the title, after letting the opponent score two away goals in the first leg. But the must-win pressure didn’t help the players as mistakes happened right from the start.

Defender Bui Hoang Viet Anh, who made an error in the first leg, continued to make another as the lost the ball in the sixth minute, but Vietnam were lucky not to concede.

While Vietnam lacked good teamwork and anticipation, Thailand played confidently and continued to increase pressure. Vietnam midfielders were overwhelmed and couldn’t get the ball to the striker.

They also forgot Thailand’s most dangerous player, captain Theerathon Bunmathan and let him comfortably strike a great ball from outside the box to open the scoring for Thailand in the 25th minute. By that time, Vietnam would need to score at least two goals to turn the score around.

Coach Park Hang-seo made an early substitution in the midfield when he put Nguyen Quang Hai on. Vietnam played better in the second half with another two subs, but still struggled to convert the chances. A controversial play occurred in the 48th minute when the ball hit Peeradon Chamratsamee’s hand in the box, but the referee didn’t give Vietnam a penalty.

In the remaining time, Vietnam got nothing to lose when they put all of the attackers on, but still couldn’t break through Thailand’s thick and disciplined defense. As the game moved toward the end, many fouls were committed by both teams and the referee handed out many yellow cards, including two for Chamratsamee, sending him off.

But that was in the last minute of the game and too late for Vietnam to use that advantage. Overall, they lost 2-3 to Thailand after two legs of the final and watch the rival lift the trophy for the second consecutive tournament.

This is also coach Park’s final game with Vietnam. His contract will run out by the end of January, and while the team couldn’t win the title as a parting gift for Park.

AFF Cup 2022 final second leg: Thailand 1-0 Vietnam

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