Vietnamese model wears Filipino barong before Manila wedding

By Hoang Nguyen   March 23, 2023 | 03:02 pm PT
Model Linh Rin wore a traditional Filipino barong dress prior to her wedding with Phillip Nguyen, heir to Vietnam’s top luxury retailer IPPG, in Manila this week.

Linh uploaded photos of her wearing the Philippines’ beloved traditional garment during preparations for her wedding, which is set to take place later this month. The Barong is worn by Filipinos on special occasions such as ceremonies and weddings.

"The traditional costume here is really lovely and suitable to my taste. The pearl and ivory colors compliment my skin tone, while the gold embroidery thread, metallic glitter, and other details are so meticulously made. Although it’s traditional, I feel good every time I wear it," Linh wrote on social media.

Linh Rin wears Philippines’ barong. Photo courtesy of Linh Rin

Linh Rin wears Philippines’ barong. Photo courtesy of Linh Rin

According to Business World, traditional barongs are made of a thin, light pina fabric embroidered with gold or metallic threads. Linh’s very feminine barong was crafted in what’s known as the baro't saya style.

One outstanding feature of Linh’s outfit was its puffy sleeves. According to The Guardian, the puffy sleeves bring delicacy to solidly-formed baro’t saya barongs. Sleeves are known to keep the dress both polite and luxurious.

Linhs barong style is called barot saya. Photo courtesy of Linh Rin

Linh's barong style is called baro't saya. Photo courtesy of Linh Rin

Linh’s baro't saya barong showed off the outfit’s most traditional features: pearl buttons and the classic motifs of embroidered swirls and generic flowers.

Linh and Phillip’s first wedding ceremony will take place in late March at a church in Manila. The couple then will have another wedding ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City. Linh said the two have prepared about 500 gifts worth VND2 billion ($84,800) for guests they have flown to Manila for the event.

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