TikToker slammed for inciting children to crawl into concrete pillars

By Dang Khoa   January 7, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
With the death of 10-year-old boy trapped in a hollow concrete pillar still fresh in public memory, a TikToker has sparked outrage by making children pretend they are crawling into concrete pipes.

In one video, the man gets three children aged 4-9 and weighing 14-30 kg to put their heads into a concrete pillar that seems around 25cm across. But none of them are able to fit their bodies in.

He then gets them a 35-cm pillar in a second video, and all of them pass through easily.

The clips also show the TikToker cheering and encouraging the children to get into the pillars, even hanging up two bags of potato chips as reward for anyone who gets their whole body inside the pillar.

At the end he claims he made the videos to let people know it is possible for children to fall into hollow concrete pillars but that no should to copy his actions in any way.

The videos quickly went viral on TikTok and were reshared on many other social media platforms.

But it caused outrage.

A screenshot from TikTokers clip shows children putting their heads inside concrete pillars

A screenshot from TikToker's clip shows children putting their heads inside concrete pillars

Many people expressed their frustrations in the comment sections, saying it is "unacceptable" to make such content soon after such a heartbreaking incident just to attract views.

They also slammed him for putting the children in danger.

"How can someone possibly encourage children to put their heads into a concrete pillar like that? What will happen if the kids get their heads stuck and are unable to free themselves?" a Facebook user named Kieu Duyen asked.

Long Hoang Le commented: "This is a foolish action! I feel sorry for the children who are incited by an ignorant adult to do dangerous tricks for making videos and getting views. It is unacceptable for a TikToker to take advantage of children like this."

Netizens said law enforcement should look into it and press charges against the man.

Quan Tran fumed: "This is offensive behavior that needs to be condemned to set an example. In addition to threatening the safety of the children, the content of this clip is against moral values."

The 10-year-old boy trapped in a concrete pillar 35 meters underground at a bridge construction site in the southern province of Dong Thap was declared dead Wednesday after 100 hours of rescue efforts.

The boy and three of his neighbors went to the site on December 31, to gather pieces of iron for the purpose of selling them to scrap vendors.

He, who weighed merely 20kg, was walking when he suddenly fell into a hollow concrete pillar, which measured 25 centimeters across, and was trapped.

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