Power couple flourish 15 years after untying knot

By Nguyen Thao   August 10, 2023 | 09:28 pm PT
Vietnamese-American businessman Nguyen Duc An is satisfied back in Vietnam with his second wife model-actress Phan Nhu Thao, while An's ex, supermodel Pham Thi Ngoc Thuy, happily remarried a lawyer in the U.S.

They both seem satisfied and happy with their lives across the sea from each other.

An, 61, and Thuy, 43, got married in September 2006 after knowing each other for just a week. They lived in the U.S. until they divorced in March 2008. The custody of their two daughters, Angelina and Valentina, was given to Thuy.

An and Thuy when they were still together. Photo courtesy of NgoiSao

Nguyen Duc An and Pham Thi Ngoc Thuy when they were still together. Photo courtesy of NgoiSao

An then met Thao, 35, in Vietnam during the 2015 Lunar New Year Tet holiday. Thao was a famous model and actress at the time.

According to An, he was drawn to how clever and genuine she was, and how well she treated people around her.

Thao later revealed that she decided to marry An because she thought he would be a good father.

The two dated for a brief period of time before holding their engagement ceremony in late-2015.

Thao has since cut down on her activities in the entertainment industry and is focusing on operating off-camera businesses. The couple welcomed their first daughter in 2016.

An, Thao, and their daughter. Photo from An’s Facebook

Nguyen Duc An, Phan Nhu Thao, and their daughter. Photo from An’s Facebook

Thao says An cooks well, takes diligent care of their daughter, and does not hesitate to do chores around the house.

Meanwhile, An has said Thao works hard, has a strong will, and is always willing to try new things. She does not rely on him financially either.

The couple has been seen traveling frequently both domestically and abroad.

Thao said she and An wanted to relocate to a beautiful and peaceful country once their daughter was enrolled in university. She set herself a goal of earning a few hundred billion dong (VND1 billion equals around $42,000), so that she can retire early and enjoy quality time with An.

Meanwhile, Thuy settled in the U.S. after remarrying a lawyer named Truong. The couple reportedly started dating in 2011, welcomed their son Myles after that, and held a wedding ceremony in June 2016.

Thuy told NgoiSao in an interview that the twists and turns of her life had put her through some changes.

"I have become a positive, optimistic, and hopeful Ngoc Thuy," she said. "I’m now calmer and do not fall for meaningless things anymore."

Thuy, Truong, and Thuy’s three children. Photo courtesy of Thuy

Pham Thi Ngoc Thuy, Truong, and Thuy’s three children. Photo courtesy of Thuy

Thuy still maintains her figure with the help of frequent exercise, including yoga, hiking, and running. Her family often went hiking and exploring wild forests in California before the pandemic hit.

"I feel blessed having three healthy, kind, and beautiful children," she said.

She said she and Truong give the three children jobs to do around the house to nurture their independence.

Thuy occasionally visits Vietnam to attend events and charity projects.

Thuy was once a famous supermodel and actress dubbed the "Marilyn Monroe of Vietnam."

Despite having divorced 15 years ago, An and Thuy are still in dispute over a list of assets worth around VND288 billion, including real estate properties, stocks, and vehicles.

It is reported that as an American nationality holder, An had to "register [Vietnam-based] properties in Thuy’s name," despite the fact that they "were purchased with his own money [and not related to Thuy]."

The Superior Court of California has ruled when the two got divorced that Thuy had to return those properties to An, which she had not done. Thus, An filed a suit against her at the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court in 2010.

The HCMC court is set to hear the case on August 18. It reportedly took 13 years to do so as the court "had to obtain documents related to the properties in dispute."

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