Malaysian woman hires crane for apartment entry after electronic door lock malfunction

By Nam Phuong   January 24, 2024 | 04:38 am PT
Faced with a costly option to break into her own home due to a malfunctioning electronic door lock, a Malaysian woman hired a lorry crane to reach her fourth-floor apartment.

Tammy Ng said she returned home in Selangor on Jan. 21 to find her lock broken and her master key inaccessible inside the apartment, she told China Press.

Ng, a 40-year-old broadcaster, consulted a locksmith who suggested breaking the door, a solution that would cost RM800 (US$169). This would also entail replacing the fire-rated door and the electronic lock, resulting in additional expenses of RM2,000 ($422).

Seeking a more economical alternative, Ng noticed a lorry crane being used for tree cutting near her residence and decided to rent it for RM500 ($105).

"The crane rental costs RM500, which I thought was very affordable," Ng said.

Ng's four-minute video, self-uploaded and showcasing her crane-assisted home entry, has attracted over 2,900 likes and 600 comments, according to The Strait Times.

Tam Ng uses a lorry crane to reach her fourth-floor apartment. Video courtesy of Tammy Kin Nee on Facebook.

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