Ede ethnic man waits to pay for damage after breaking car's taillight

By Quynh Nguyen   February 3, 2024 | 07:03 pm PT
After accidentally breaking a car's taillight with his motorbike, Y Phep, an Ede ethnic man, waited two hours for the car's owner to compensate for the damage.

The incident occurred as Y Phep was returning home from a pepper field in Nam N'Jang Commune, Central Highlands Dac Nong province, on the evening of Jan. 27. Trying to avoid an oncoming truck, he collided with the parked car.

Son's video capturing his encounter with Y Phep on Jan. 27, 2024. Video via Son's social media

The car owner, Dang Cong Son, 38, found Y Phep waiting by his car at 6:30 pm. Despite Y Phep's offer to pay VND200,000 ($8.19) for repairs, Son, impressed by Y Phep's honesty and considering his car was insured, declined the compensation.

He said: "He was so sincere, and my car is insured. I wasn't too badly affected."

Speaking to VnExpress later, Y Phep said he could have left without anyone knowing, but that would not have been the decent thing to do.

"I am poor, but I still have to apologize to them. If the repairs had been costly, I would have asked him to let me pay it off in installments, as I only make VND250,000 a day as a hired laborer."

The next day he noticed Son's car again parked near his workplace, and Y Phep gave him a bag of pepper, a product of his week-long hard work, as a gesture of gratitude.

He had intended to use the spice during Tet (Lunar New Year festival), which falls in February, but decided to offer it to the kind car owner instead.

Anh Đoàn Công Sơn (bên trái) tặng túi quần áo cho Y Phép (bên phải) tại rẫy đang làm việc ở xã Nâm NJang, huyện Đắc Song, tỉnh Đăk Nông, trưa 28/1. Ảnh: Nhân vật cung cấp

Dang Cong Son (left) presents old clothes to Y Phep (right) on Jan. 28, 2024. Photo via Son's social media

Taken aback by Y Phep's attitude, Son went on to gift the man some old clothes and VND500,000 to buy milk for his child.

"I can accept the clothes but not the money. I damaged Son's property, but he didn't blame me and even gave me gifts, which I'm very grateful for."

Son shared Y Phep's story on social media, garnering nearly two million views and tens of thousands of interactions.

"I admire Y Phep's integrity," a netizen named Hieu Nguyen said, also appreciating Son. "Thank you for this meaningful story."

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