Chinese apartment tenant lives in pile of trash

By Hoang Nguyen   August 14, 2023 | 06:48 pm PT
Chinese apartment tenant lives in pile of trash
Screenshots of a female tenant sits among piles of trash in an apartment in Shandong, China.
A landlord in China's Shandong Province was shocked when he entered the apartment of a female tenant who hadn't taken out the garbage for over a year.

A video that the landlord, named Xie, took on August 10 showed that the tenant, whose name was not revealed, was sitting among mountains of trash while playing on her phone, New York Post reported.

The pile of trash was so high that it reached the windows.

Xie described the smell of the garbage as the worst he had ever encountered. He said he almost vomited upon entering the filth-filled unit.

After five hours of cleaning, the apartment was finally free from the piles of trash, Xie said.

Many people who watched the video said it was impossible for a person to live like this for a year. Many are also worried that the woman may face respiratory and digestive problems due to breathing and living for too long in a polluted environment.

Video of the apartment full of garbage. Video by Xie

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