A glimpse into the luxurious life of Brunei’s Prince Mateen

By Linh Le   January 11, 2024 | 07:07 pm PT
Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei, the 10th child of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, has long captivated public attention with his opulent lifestyle, significant royal duties, and impressive wealth.
Prince Mateen of Brunei. Photo from Prince Mateens Instagram

Prince Mateen of Brunei. Photo from Prince Mateen's Instagram

According to the Daily Mail, the prince, 32, received his early education in Brunei before pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Politics from King’s College London. He furthered his academic pursuits with a Master’s degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.

Prince Mateen’s dedication to his nation’s defense is evident through his military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. His achievements as a helicopter pilot, including training on the Eurocopter AS350 and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, as reported by Yahoo News, underscore his skills and commitment to the Royal Brunei Air Force where he holds the rank of Major.

Prince Mateen is renowned for his passion for sports, particularly polo. He represented Brunei at the Southeast Asian Games in 2017 and 2019.

In addition to his military and sporting pursuits, Prince Mateen plays a pivotal role in representing Brunei on the global diplomatic stage. He has been often seen accompanying his father to significant events, including Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in 2022 and the coronation of King Charles III in 2023.

While the exact details of the prince’s net worth remain undisclosed, his opulent lifestyle, as depicted on social media, suggests substantial wealth. His involvement in high-end fashion and ownership of luxury items, combined with his family’s immense fortune - with his father’s estimated net worth at US$30 billion as of 2022, as reported by India Times - paint a picture of grandeur.

Once one of Asia’s top 50 most eligible bachelors as listed by Hong Kong’s Tatler Magazine, the prince is now officially taken as his royal wedding with Anisha Rosnah Isa-Kalebic is ongoing.

Isa-Kalebic, 29, is a graduate of the University of Bath and an entrepreneur. She currently manages Silk Collective, a fashion brand, and Authentirary, a tourism company that offers cultural experiences.

The royal bride comes from a prestigious family background, with her grandfather Pehin Dato Isa having served as the Sultan of Brunei’s special advisor and holding significant government roles in Brunei during the 1960s and 1970s.

Her brother Danial Deen Isa-Kalebic is reportedly a close friend of Prince Mateen, and her sister-in-law Janetira Attaskulchai Deen is part of Thailand's Attaskulchai family, known for their yogurt empire Betagen.

Commencing on Jan. 7, the impending royal wedding is set to be a grand 10-day event. Several rituals have been completed by the prince and the royal bride, including a Khatam Quran event on Jan. 8, a Berbedak Mandi or powdering ceremony on Jan. 10, and a solemnization ceremony at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque on Jan. 11.

It is set to conclude with a banquet on Sunday, expected to be attended by royalty and politicians from around the world.

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