$3,600 income requirement for potential suitors of Vietnamese girl sparks debate

By Linh Le   January 4, 2024 | 03:44 pm PT
A Singapore-based bride agency sparked online debate after posting about a 17-year-old Vietnamese girl seeking a husband with a monthly income of at least S$4,800 (US$3,600).
A groom putting a wedding ring on his brides finger. Illustration photo by Freepik

A groom putting a wedding ring on his bride's finger. Illustration photo by Freepik

This figure is slightly below the median monthly income of S$5,197 for full-time employed Singapore residents, as reported by the Ministry of Manpower and cited by Singaporean news outlet Mothership.

The agency, B&G Vietnamese Bride Marriage Agency, specified additional criteria for potential suitors in its Facebook post dated to Dec. 25: they must be under 36 years old and willing to spend nine months getting to know the girl prior to marriage.

It defended these conditions, stating its purpose is to ensure financial stability and prevent marital issues, especially in unions with foreign partners.

"Many marriages with foreign spouses break down due to financial issues," it wrote. "Consider properly. [If] you are financially sound, then you [can] consider this option of marrying a foreign spouse."

Critics of the agency’s post on social media have voiced concerns, with many netizens suggesting that the girl might have been labeled a gold-digger, while some called her pragmatic, as reported by AsiaOne.

"Should go and study more for your future than expect your future husband to take care of you with [a] gross income of S$4,800," a netizen commented.

"There’s inflation everywhere," another wrote.

In response to the backlash, B&G Vietnamese Bride Marriage Agency’s founder Eric Koh clarified in an interview with Shin Min Daily News that the income requirement was set by him, not the girl.

He explained that the salary threshold, near the local median, is intended to ensure the girl’s financial security and is not excessive. He also mentioned that while income is a factor, it is not the most crucial, as his agency prioritizes potential grooms’ personalities and verifies their job stability and consistent income.

Despite the controversy, Koh revealed that his agency had seen a significant increase in inquiries, with over 100 men, including Singaporeans and Malaysians, showing interest with the mentioned Vietnamese girl. This response is tenfold higher than the usual number of responses to its posts.

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