Tourists caught wearing swimsuit at Phuket airport

By Hoang Vu    February 2, 2024 | 05:18 pm PT
Tourists caught wearing swimsuit at Phuket airport
A man walks at the empty Karon beach on Phuket Island, Thailand in April 1, 2021. Picture taken April 1, 2021 with a drone. Photo by Reuters
A photo of two foreign men wearing only swimming trunks at Phuket International Airport has gone viral on social media, sparking public uproar from Thai netizens.

In a post shared in Facebook group on Jan. 30, the men were caught sorting their suitcases at the luggage trolley stand with only their swimsuits and many netizens criticized their act as "disrespectful to Thai culture."

"How do they have no shame?" a netizen wrote.

Some other netizens said they felt like "vomiting" due to the men's inappropriate behavior.

A representative of Phuket airport said the two foreign tourists were dropped from a car in front of the international terminal. They put on clothes before entering the terminal properly, however, Phuket News reported.

Phuket is an island in Thailand known for its beaches, with Phuket International Airport located approximately three kilometers from the nearest beach.

This was not the first time foreign tourists had suffered criticism from Thai netizens for their disrespectful acts.

Earlier, photos of two foreign women sunbathing in bikinis in front of Bangkok's Grand Palace used to host royal traditional ceremonies also triggered a public outcry.

In another case, two Polish female tourists expressed their regret and apologized to Thai residents for sunbathing on grass at a Chiang Mai Temple.

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