South Korean hotel staff detained for raping Chinese tourist

By Hoang Vu   June 19, 2024 | 10:56 pm PT
South Korean hotel staff detained for raping Chinese tourist
Tourists visit Jeju Island in South Korea, 2020. Photo by Reuters
A hotel receptionist on Jeju island in South Korea has been arrested for allegedly sneaking into a room of a Chinese tourist and sexually assaulting her, police said on Tuesday.

The move came after she reported the incident to the police, saying the employee of the hotel in northern Jeju had entered her room with a master key and raped her, The Korea Times reported.

She claimed she had got drunk at a party with her friends and could not stop him.

Security camera footage showed she had been escorted back to the room by fellow Chinese travelers who left immediately thereafter and the suspect entered her room shortly after, Maeil Business Newspaper reported.

The suspect denied the sexual assault, Sina English reported.

He said he had received a call for room service from the woman and she had consented for sex.

Police said the hotel employee is being investigated on charges of "quasi-rape."

Under South Korea's Criminal Act, quasi-rape is applicable to cases where a person "engages in sexual intercourse with another person by taking advantage of his or her state of unconsciousness or inability to resist."

The penalty for quasi rape is a minimum of three years imprisonment.

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